Kirk Howle and William Bruce West guest on this episode where we jump out of "internet group think" and make a case for why some characters, actors and movies get a bad rap. Hear us defend the Spice Girls, John Doggett, the Keanu Reeves Constantine movie, and Star Trek: Enterprise...just to name a few.

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We've tried the 2015 Lays Do Us a Flavor chips so it's time to talk about them.

Direct download: NerdLunch_192b_Lays-Do-Us-a-Flavor-2015.mp3
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Jeff from Your Weird guests in the Fourth Chair and we return to an old topic of ours, the Listbuster. This time we target Screen Rant's 10 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time and decide if we feel the list is good or needs busting (hint: it mostly needs some busting). Then we come up with some alternatives of our own to add to the list. Nerd To-Dos feature some talk about the Lay's Do Us a Flavor 2015 set and serves as a prequel to an Extra Helping later this week.

Shows discussed: The Wire, The Simpsons, Sopranos, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Saturday Night Live, I Love Lucy, The X-Files, Seinfeld, LOST, and Law & Order.

Direct download: NerdLunch_192_Listbuster-2-1-Influential-TV-Shows.mp3
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The nerds return to the Movie Menus franchise topic this week with Eric Huang from Junk Food Guy and The Nosh Show. Inspired by Denny's latest go around with the Fantastic Four menu, each podcaster must come up with a themed menu using a movie and a restaurant chosen by other members of the panel. Our Nerd To Dos this week feature Ant Man, Agents of Shield, Rogue Nation, and supporting Fourth Chair Army member Rondal Scott's Strange Kids Club Kickstarter.

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This week the Nerds welcome back Jay from Sexy Armpit.  They are returning to franchise topic Real Life Scenarios in which we have to pick a real life person to exist in a pop culture scenario from movies or TV.  In Nerd To Dos we talk about Halloween, THX-1138, Ernest Cline's new book and we get another LorenzoWatch 2014 update.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_190_-_Revenge_of_Real_Life_Scenarios.mp3
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Episode 189 - CT Goes to Texas

In this episode, CT drives around Texas and has actual nerd lunches with members of the Texas Fourth Chair Army. First up, Jasmin from 1 Fine Cookie and we did a round of Andrew Bloom-inspired "would you rather?" questions. After that, Rondal from Strange Kids Club was up and he talked about the relaunch of his Kickstarter and we talked through some "Muppet scenarios." Last, but not least, lunch with Miss M from Diary of Dorkette and the Eclectic Mayhem Podcast contained talk of some "action figure scenarios." Don't worry, at no point in the podcast did CT mess with Texas.

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CT and Pax continued some nerdy discussions with Christian and Evan after this week's show.  Here's 10 minutes of that discussion.

You're welcome, Internet.

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CT and Pax welcome Christian Nielsen from The Atomic Geeks and Evan from Bizarro Jimmy Olsen's Mid-Life Crisis Blog to celebrate 75 years of The Flash. Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West are all discussed. Earliest memories, favorite runs and craziest villains are among the topics when talking about comics. Then the attention turns to the TV shows, both the 1990 version and the 2014. PLUS: We play a game of "The Flash: Dead or Alive?!"

Direct download: NerdLunch_188_The-Flash-75-Years.mp3
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Jeeg and Pax welcome returning guest Rob Graham and the trio discuss famous acting duos who showed up together in more than one project. Hepburn and Tracy, Wilder and Pryor, Pegg and Frost! Find out who the Nerds like, who they don't like and who they want to see more of. Nerd To-Dos feature vacation plans, Star Wars and Pink Panther 2.

Direct download: NerdLunch_187_We-Meet-Again.mp3
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Michael May and Kay return to discuss the last of the original Star Wars movies, Return of the Jedi.  We talk about the first time we saw the movie, our favorite scenes, our least favorite scenes, the Special Edition changes and more.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_186_-_Star_Wars_Return_of_the_Jedi_Drilldown.mp3
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Drawing inspiration from all those movies, TV shows and comics that are "X meets Y," we create new pitches based on random properties meeting other random properties. Robert from To the Escape Hatch joins us and we create movie and TV show ideas based on Smurfs, Zapped, Pac-Man, WKRP, Harry and the Hendersons and more. Nerd To-Dos feature a new Lorenzo update and remembering James Horner.

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Episode 184 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you ever go to Wikipedia looking for information on one thing but find yourself 20 minutes later having visited 20 other pages? Well, that's what we do on this episode of Nerd Lunch. Pax and CT are joined by Tim Lybarger from and Jeff Somogyi of and the Your Weird Podcast and we play a game of "Down the Rabbit Hole." Can we get from the page for Karate Cop to the page for Tom Sawer (song) within the show? (Pre-apologies to all die-hard Rush fans...) There's only one way to find out...listen now!

Direct download: NerdLunch_184_Down-the-Rabbit-Hole.mp3
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CT invites Kay to join him in this celebration of the 11th Doctor's premiere appearance. Together they try fish fingers and custard. CT even made his own custard using this recipe.

Direct download: NerdLunch_183b_Fish-Fingers-and-Custard.mp3
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Ryan from Grub Grade and The Nosh Show joins the nerds this week as they try to find alternative work for some junk food and fast food mascots. Who should shill for Cheetos if Chester Cheetah was laid off? Who should ascend to the throne of King Vitaman? What other product could an unemployed Hamburglar represent? All these questions and more are answered in this week’s show. Our Nerd To Dos include Fury Road, The Americans, Akira, and Trader Joes Peruvian Inca Corn.

Direct download: NerdLunch_183_FoodMascotEmploymentAgency.mp3
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For this extra special Extra Helping Pax is joined by Shawn Robare to discuss the 1990 cartoon sequel, The New Adventures of He-Man which followed up and rebooted the classic mid 80s cartoon.  We talk about our first exposure to the property, we discuss a few of the episodes and how the show differs from the earlier incarnation and we even discuss the toys.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Extra_Helping_-_The_New_Adventures_of_He-Man.mp3
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Michael May and Geek Kay drop back by Nerd Lunch Studios for our second Star Wars drilldown, this time on 1980's Empire Strikes Back.  We talk about when we watched it first, some of our favorite characters and scenes, and who did Yoda mean was their "other hope"?

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_182_-_Star_Wars_Empire_Strikes_Back_Drilldown.mp3
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The Nerd Lunch crew welcomes two guests this week, Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks and Classic Film Jerks and Todd from Along with CT and Pax, the foursome take inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and create their own "cinematic universes" based on existing movie franchises. Hear about the Mad Max, Muppets, Mike Mignola and (Universal) Monster cinematic universes. And find out why Guillermo del Toro and Uncle Deadly are going to be busy.

Direct download: NerdLunch_181_Creating-Cinematic-Universes.mp3
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Diamonds are not forever in this episode of the Nerd Lunch Podcast. We welcome James from to help us break out the ol' Pop Culture Eraser again. After meeting him and talking way more about Pod, James Pod than I intended, we erase people and things such as Sean Connery's Diamonds Are Forever, Star Trek: Enterprise, Crisis on Infinite Earths, the return of Barry Allen, David Carradine, Joel Schumacher, Chris Hardwick and Ryan Seaquest...I mean Ryan Seacrest. Nerd To-Dos feature Mad Max: Fury Road and other stuff not as important as Mad Max: Fury Road.

Direct download: NerdLunch_180_Pop-Culture-Eraser-3.mp3
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CT and Jeeg welcome Doug Frye of Schlock Treatment back to the show to discuss characters they hate and love to hate. The nerds talk all manner of despicable and lovable villains from Alex De Large to David Lo Pan to Dolores Umbridge to Cobra Commander. Also revealed are some classic characters we were supposed to love, but turned out to be hateable. Listen to find out which of the crew hates Wesley Crusher, Xander Harris, or Orko. This week's Nerd To Dos include David Letterman's very last show, The Winter Soldier, and Fury Road.

Direct download: NerdLunch_179_LoveToHate.mp3
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This week we are joined by Geek Kay and Michael May to talk all about the first Star Wars movie.  We discuss the first time we watched it, our favorite characters and all of our favorite scenes.  We even discuss things we don't like and all the changes made for the Special Editions and later for the Blu-Ray.

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Together in person at C2E2 2015, The Atomic Geeks and Nerd Lunch decide who would win in certain battles.

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Nerd Lunch invaded the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and while there, they met up with several Fourth Chair guests who have been on the show. Questions were asked, projects were promoted, laughs were had. Thanks to the following guests on this show:

Also, read more about Dan Cooney's Tommy Gun Dolls Kickstarter project.
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Shawn from and Rielly from return to the show and join us in our somewhat annual Summer #NerdToDos discussion. We talk about the summer movies, TV, trips and eating we're looking forward to.

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The Nerd Lunch crew joins The Atomic Geeks in person for a discussion on C2E2 2015.

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In celebration of the forthcoming Strange Kids Club Magazine #5, Rondal Scott takes up the Fourth Chair this week. After talking about the new hero of the magazine issue, BRONARR: SPACE BARBARIAN, Rondal takes the nerds deeper into the world of scifi-fantasy by leading a retrospective on 1983's Krull. The panel kicks around what works, what doesn't, and what the heck is up with the glaive. It's a podcast episode light-years beyond your imagination! Nerd To-Dos include Orphan Black, Furious Seven, SilverHawks, Daredevil, and a lot of C2E2 talk.

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