This week Pax, CT and Jeeg are joined by good friend Robert Zerbe for a fun exercise we call Filmmaker Roulette.  First, we jump back in time one week to hear ourselves get assigned iconic movies like Forrest Gump and Splash and then be given brand new directors like Zack Snyder and Terry Gilliam.  Then we flash back to the present and we have to envision our movies with these new directors.  It's lots of fun, come check it out.

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The Nerd Lunch crew finally finishes construction on their multi-million dollar Danger Room project where they host icons of pop culture to be trained by podcast members and eventually fight. The Nerd Lunch crew welcome Rondal from Strange Kids Club to give the first test. And also admire Chachi in his tank tops.

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The Nerd Lunch Trio goes without a Fourth Chair guest this weekas they work out some issues amongst themselves. The long-boilingtensions have risen and they decide to finally hash out somearguments. Are you on #TeamCT, #TeamPax or #TeamJeeg when it comesto these classic nerd disagreements? Let us know in the commentsbelow or on social media!

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David Pietrandrea of Your Weird and Robox Studios joins the nerds in Fourth Chair this week. They are wielding the pop culture eraser yet again, but this time with a twist. The mysterious stranger demands that balance be brought to the universe and the nerds must erase people and items from categories not of their own choosing. From Star Trek to Hollywood directors to 1980s sitcoms, pop culture will be forever altered after this episode.

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Pax. Tim and Eclectik discuss the 2015 Oscar nominated Straight Outta Compton movie that chronicles the origins of the rap group, NWA.

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Pax is joined by his Hip Hop Crew, Tim Lybarger and Eclectik to discuss the groundbreaking gangsta rap super group, NWA.  We talk about our first exposure to the group, we talk about the group's albums and we dive into all of the group's members' solo albums.  We even discuss the greater NWA Legacy and many of the groups directly influenced by them like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Above the Law and even get a few Tairrie B and HWA mentions.

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CT and Pax welcome back The Chap Report's Corey Chapman and the trio discuss what's on deck for this coming summer. Movies, TV, reading, trips and more are all discussed as they get into what they are looking forward to in the Summer of 2016.

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CT is off this week so Jeeg and Pax invite Evan Hanson to talk about the Jet Li movies Once Upon a Time in China 1 and 2.  We talk about our intro the series, what we liked, what we didn't and we heap a whole lot of love on Donnie Yen.

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After years of talking about the DC cinema plans, the Batman v Superman movie has descended upon us like a vigilante in the night. And Pax and CT have now seen this along with friend from The Atomic Geeks, Michael DiGiovanni. And boy, we all have got some things to get off our chest. Disclaimer: These are our opinions and should not be construed as us imposing our beliefs on you. I know that's the popular thing to do on the internet, but we're interested in genuine discussion.

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While other podcasts talk about superheroes fighting, this week Pax and Jeeg wax poetic about the recently completed British costume drama, Downton Abbey. Joining them in the Fourth Chair is first time guest John Vanover from the Action Figure Blues podcast and What did it mean for Lady Edith to find happiness? Could they forgive Barrow's dastardly deeds? Should Lady Mary have ended up with Gillingham, Blake, or Talbot? Were there enough tissues to mop up the tears during the series finale? The nerds tackle all these questions and more in a conversation worthy of a free tote bag.

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During the after discussion of episode 222, the guys start talking about 227 and essentially do a drilldown.

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This week Shawn Robare returns to the show to reminisce about video rental stores. We talk about the first video rental stores we remember popping up in our towns, we discuss renting the actual VCRs, VHS vs Betamax and what the brick & mortar video rental situation currently looks like for us. Join us for a fun, nostalgia filled discussion.

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CT and one of his co-hosts from the Dragonfly Ripple Podcast descend upon Tallahassee's very own pop culture convention...ALT*Con Florida. There they talk to writers, artists, cosplayers, and actors showcased at this convention now in its fourth year. Also, be sure to check out the Dragonfly Ripple feed for a companion piece to this episode.

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The Nerd Lunch court is called back into session and this time, director of Man of Steel, 300, Sucker Punch, The Watchmen and the upcoming Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder, is being put on trial for his crimes against entertainment. Is Snyder a hack or does he truly have a vision? Evan Hanson prosecutes, Nerd Lunch's very own PLee defends while Andrew Bloom of the Classic Film Jerks judges. Jon Cross from the After Movie Diner and Robert Zerbe of 2 The Escape Hatch are called as witness in this historic trial. Listen now!

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In the spiritual sequel to our Man Crushes episode, Kay from Fangirl Blog takes over the hosting duties along with an all-woman panel to talk about woman crushes. Hear Kay, Jen Usellis Mackay, Stacey Rader and new guest Kelly Knox talk about current woman crushes as well as those who have passed, those who are cartoons and an assortment of other categories.

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Marvo from the Impulsive Buy and the Nosh Show takes over the Fourth Chair this week as we discuss some of our favorite and weirdest knock-off and store brand foods. We also put each other to the test in creating new knock-offs for some beloved brand name products. This episode's Nerd To-Dos feature the Fantastic Four movies, the Force Awakens (again), Chappie, and Triumph's Election Special.

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This week on Nerd Lunch we are joined by Jason Gross from Rediscover the 80s and the Recurrent Events podcast.  Everyone is assigned a movie from someone else and we are tasked to create toys based on these movies.  Expect comedy, action and spy movies to appear starring such actors as Mel Gibson, Chris Farley and Sammo Hung.

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Doug Frye from Schlock Treatment joins us again in the Fourth Chair as we plumb the depths of Craigslist for crazy collections and flat out weird stuff. Listen to find out if Craigslist can produce any treasures to top the crown jewel of our first run at this topic, Bill the trampoline deliverer. This week's Nerd To Dos include Dragon Con, The Force Awakens, the Australian version of Rake, and a marathon (Hint: it's not Jeeg's to do).

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We return to the USS Sexy Armpit, but this time our replicators are fine. It's the Space TV we've been using that has a very long and unnecessary backstory for why we must now pick ten, and only ten, movies that we will be forced to watch over and over again until our derelict ship is rescued. The entire crew of the ship unites to make these decisions as Captain Jay and On Second Scoop's Dubba both guest. Find out which ten we choose by listening!

Direct download: NerdLunch_215_Space-TV-Is-Broken.mp3
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Jeff Somogyi returns and we go down that rabbit hole again. This time we're ready for lawyer traps as we bring our friend Evan along, too. It's our first fan-submitted version of this show. Thanks to everyone who suggested starting and ending links. (Please note: No cast members from Star Trek: Voyager appear in this episode!)

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Michael May completes his four week Nerd Lunch tour of duty and we make his dream of guesting with William Bruce West come true. Then, in the spirit of Fuller House, Girl Meets World and Coach, we get into an exercise of coming up with ideas for TV show revivals, some more deserving than others. We bring back Magnum, PI, Blacke's Magic, Small Wonder, Amen, and Murphy Brown. Nerd To-Dos feature some comic book reading, TV watching and taking a kid to go see that new Star Wars movie.

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It wouldn't be the start of a new year without our yearly crop of predictions. After recapping some stellar (?) 2015 prognostications and the results of The Force Awakens Overs and Unders, the crew and Michael May predict the year to come in the realms of TV, fast food, and more. Plus, we tee up a new set of Overs and Unders for Star Trek Beyond! This week's Nerd To Dos include #fitness, Straight Outta Compton, scifi/comic convention plans, and Orphan Black.

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May and Kay come back to the show to discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens.  We talk about how many times we've watched it, we discuss what we liked, what we didn't like and we speculate what could be coming in further movies.


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May and Kay join Pax in a discussion about the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  Expect us to discuss mostly the books but there is some discussion on the comics.  We discuss our first entry into the books, some of our favorite books, some of our favorite characters and we break down some recommendations for Star Wars book newbies.

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Continuing our holiday tradition, Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks joins us to ring in the holiday season. On the docket this year is a quest to assemble the ultimate Hallmark Channel or ABC Family quality Christmas romance movie. We don't quite get there, but we do pitch four excellent examples of the genre and empty IMDB's reservoir of 90s D-list celebrities in a stunt casting exercise you won't want to miss.


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