The podcast welcomes its second guest from The Improvised Star Trek, Sean Kelley. Inspired by Sean's blog, the podcasters take you through a journey of current nerd social issues and pontificate on ways to be a better nerd. Addressed in the discussions are treating geek girls with respect, internet hate, and nerd pride. Nerd To-Dos feature lots of television watching including Veronica Mars, 24, Orphan Black and Arrow.

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This year Batman turns 75 years old.  So, like we did for episode 90 in which we talked about Superman on his 75th birthday, we spend this episode talking all about Batman.  And joining us for this celebration is Jay from Sexy Armpit and Michael May from Michael May's Adventureblog and the comic Kill All Monsters!  We discuss Batman across all media, starting with comics and moving to movies and then TV.  We cover so much ground that this episode clocks in over 2 hours! So enjoy all the awesome Batman talk. So much content within that I have to say just download and dig in.

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The ringleader of the Strange Kids Club, Rondal Scott, joins us once again in the 4th Chair this week. With Rondal on board we return to the topic in Episode 87 and create more Ultimate Triple Features. We solve plenty of cinematic quandaries while assembling trilogies around given themes, but perhaps no one greater than what does one pair with Howard the Duck. This week's Nerd To Dos feature sword and sorcery novels, the Beastmaster and Barbarella, 24, and Godzilla.

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The nerds are joined this week by another TAG Network member, Evan, co-host of the Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes podcasts.  Evan is here to help us discuss the works and legacy of one Alan Moore.  We talk about our favorite books.  We talk about our least favorite books.  We talk about Moore's attitude toward adaptations of his work and we even discuss Mr Moore's legacy in the history of comics.  It's a good roundtable on one of the more recognizeable creators in comics.  

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Mistakes were made. A lot of mistakes. And a new one is being made right now by this being posted. Let's just leave it at that.

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Come and knock on our door, we got streaks on the China and what would we do baby without us? The Nerd Lunch Podcast welcomes back William Bruce West and we have what we're calling the "First Favorite TV Show Theme Songs" discussion. The crew chats about some of their favorite cartoon, sitcom, action, and drama theme songs. With sample clips, this might be our most copyright infringiest show yet! Also, we do something we rarely do and talk current events by following up on recent late night talk show news and Star Wars news. Nerd To-Dos include a double dose of murder mystery games and a double dose of Fringe.

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CT returns this week along with frequent Fourth Chair Soldier Robert Zerbe from To the Escape Hatch. In their first ever "Nerd Lunch Theater," the crew puts on a show as CT takes on the persona of Ned N. Lurch, the idiot stepson of a famous movie studio executive. Ned has managed to convince ol' stepdad to give him a shot at producing a big budget movie. In an effort to make sure this project fails, Ned is set up with three consultants who have been instructed to feed ideas into the project that will turn this into the "worst movie ever." Nerd To-Dos this week includes a whole bunch of stuff, but most importantly a rather lengthy sidebar about Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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CT is away once again this week, but luckily Pax and Jeeg are able to contact Jay from The Sexy Armpit on the Sludgephone. On the docket for this week is a discussion of some of the worst things the nerds have been subjected to by their significant others. The gang is all here: rom-coms, costume dramas, boy bands, quaint weekend destinations, and regionally popular card games. Our Nerd To-Dos include Captain America 2, the Bates Motel, and more Veronica Mars.

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CT is out this week so Pax and Jeeg invite Jon Cross from the After Movie Diner to come discuss the Donnie Yen Ip Man movies.  We talk about our favorite fights and favorite characters.  We even discuss all the other Ip Man movies that have come out due to the popularity of the Donnie Yen movies.  Nerd to Dos include the new Captain America movie, Arrow and Fringe.

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Saved for posterity here on Nerd Lunch, Carlin Trammel and Mark Dury host a look back at five years of The Atomic Geeks. This show features some of the greatest clips from one of the best podcasts of all time.

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In the early part of March 2014, Atlanta was shaken to its core when the Nerd Lunch Podcast crew all met together in person for the first time. Also joined by Shawn Robare (Branded in the 80s) and Jaime Hood (Shezcrafti) of the Cult Film Club Podcast, the fearsome five recorded a podcast. Hear a report about the escapades of the crew during the visit in Atlanta and then follow that up by listening to them talk about what they are looking forward to seeing, smelling and doing this summer!

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Michael DiGiovanni wraps up our Atomic Weeks theme month by joining us for a drill down on breakfast cereals.  As part of our balanced breakfast, we catch up with DiGio a bit and get details on the upcoming 250th episode of The Atomic Geeks podcast. Then we cover our all time favorite cereals, highlight some of weirdest and worst, discuss the best and worst cereal mascots, and then pitch a pop-culture themed cereal for a property that never had one. Along the way we make copious use of the awesome resource that is Mr. Breakfast. Our Nerd To-Dos feature The Wire, a double helping of Fringe, the Clone Wars cartoon, and the New Adventures of He-Man.

Direct download: NerdLunch_125_DrillDown_Cereals.mp3
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"The Atomic Weeks" continues with guest Atomic Geeks podcaster Christian Nielsen! After the wackiest opening we've ever done for the show, we get into a discussion about our favorite late night talk shows. We cover all the greats including Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. We also cover some of the not-so greats like Pat Sajak, Chevy Chase and Jay Leno. And, find out which one of us had a letter read on Late Night with David Letterman and which two of us attended tapings of Late Night with Conan O'Brien!

Special thanks to Rob Graham for his invaluable help on this episode!

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Week 2 of Nerd Lunch's Atomic Weeks celebration.  This week we are joined by Mike Downs to discuss movie toys.  More specifically we are creating our own movie toy lines for some of our favorite movies that never got toys.  Expect to see things like The Rocketeer, The Cosby Show franchise and From Dusk till Dawn.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_123_-_Create_our_own_movie_toy_line.mp3
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It's another set of theme shows for Nerd Lunch as we begin "The Atomic Weeks!" We celebrate along with The Atomic Geeks as they surpass their five-year mark by having each of them as a guest on our show. First up, former Geek, Andrew Bloom (now of Classic Film Jerks) joins us to discuss the Nerd Lunch take on Lent. We are each tasked to come up with something we'd give up from the "nerd" and "lunch" arenas. Besides tomatoes, what could we possibly live without for 40 days?! Nerd To-Dos feature books, Burn Notice and talk of a Nerd Lunch trip.

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What better way to pass time during an evening in Atlanta, Georgia than watching a Dukes of Hazzard Double Feature? CT and Jeeg did just that on their recent trip to Georgia and present to you this podcast/warning. First up, discussion about the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie starring Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott, Jessica Simpson, Burt Reynolds, and Willie Nelson. Then, a discussion about the direct-to-DVD pseudo-prequel starring a bunch of nobodies and Willie Nelson. 

The Dukes of Hazzard/The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

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In this week's Nerd Lunch, we return to one of our favorite franchise topics... FAN FIC REVIEWS! Thrice before we've done this topic (18, 62, 95) and each time we've had a blast. For our fourth foray into fanfic (suddenly this has turned into narration from the Batman TV show…sheesh), we do something a bit special so be sure to listen to find out our approach this time. Our guests were the returning Claymation Werewolf and Miss M from the Diary of a Dorkette blog. Nerd To-Dos included Mad Max, being a nerd, buying She-Ra action figures and Burn Notice.

If you'd like to read the stories we reviewed, here are links:

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This week on the show, we have two returning guests, Sue London and Doug Frye and we return to a topic we delved into before back on episode 56 where we turned movies into television shows. Each Nerd chose a movie and gave it a TV show spin along with a new cast and ideas for future story lines. Wrestling! Aliens! Shadow creatures! Wacky adventures! They're all a part of this exciting episode of Nerd Lunch.

This episode features talk about Groundhog Day so we have retroactively dedicated it to Harold Ramis. Also, please note that some of the audio in this is not quite up to our desired quality. Apologies in advance for that. See Pax for a refund if you're unhappy.

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This week we are joined by Jaime Hood from the Cult Film Club podcast to talk all about board games.  We talk about some of our favorites, we talk about our least favorites.  We talk about games we wish we had and we have a lengthy discussion about board games based on movies and TV shows.  Nerd to Dos involve Downton Abbey, nerd lairs and Grandmasters.

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Jeeg, Pax, and CT welcome Tim Lybarger back to the 4th Chair for a long anticipated discussion about TV game shows. We run through some of our all time favorites, hypothesize a bit about the state and future of game shows, and then Jeeg subjects the nerds (and you the listener) to a round of Nerd Jeopardy. This week's Nerd To-Dos include a TV trifecta of The Wire, Silver Spoons, and Downton Abbey.

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This week on the show, the regular podcasting crew is joined by one of the founding fathers of Nerd Lunch...PLee! After catching up with PLee about some music projects he has in the hopper, the Nerds discuss what they would be like in various alternate realities? Who is Jeeg in Star Trek's Mirror Universe? How is Pax's life affected in the alternate, Biff-dominated timeline in Back to the Future part II? And what does the Earth-2 CT do for a living? All this and a ton more!

Direct download: NerdLunch_117_Nerd-Lunch-on-Infinite-Earths.mp3
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The Nerd Lunch Podcast welcomes geek master, Elliott Serrano to the Fourth Chair. Elliott is a writer at the Geek To Me blog at RedEye Chicago and has also written Army of Darkness comics from Dynamite Comics. After getting acquainted with Mr. Serrano, the podcasters delve into the wide topic of super heroes on television. From the George Reeves Superman, to the Adam West Batman, to Lois & Clark to Smallville and even Big Foot and Wild Boy (?!), the past was well-covered. But fret not, the crew also talked about the current state of super heroes on television (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow) and what is on the horizon (Gotham, Constantine, and the Marvel Netflix deal). Listen now!

Direct download: NerdLunch_116_Super-Hero-TV.mp3
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Pax hosts this week and the nerds are joined by returning guest Jason Collier for a roundtable discussion on Disney's Star Wars Episode VII.  We talk about the first time we heard that Disney bought Lucasfilm and that they were going to make all new Star Wars movies.  We talk about what we know about the new movies, we talk about what we think we know.  We also talk about what we'd like to see and what we don't want to see.  We examine the news and rumors of the new Star Wars movies in great detail and we even talk about the rumored solo movies and what Disney plans to do with the the voluminous Expanded Universe.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_115_-_Star_Wars_Episode_VII_Roundtable.mp3
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After we revisit last year's amazing predictions and discover who was the true Nerdstradamus of 2013, the crew welcomes Rob Graham to the 4th Chair for another round of prognostication. What does the coming year hold for TV, movies, fast food, and celebrities? Only those who gaze into our crystal balls will know. This week's Nerd To-Dos include catching up on Arrow, introducing children to Bond and Star Trek, an acclaimed book about pro-wrestling, and a novel about Krampus, of all things.

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For a special holiday treat, the nerds get together to discuss the UK's hottest import, Downton Abbey, ahead of its season 4 premiere in the US. Yes, 50 minutes of middle aged nerds talking about a soap opera. Join us to be swept away by the drama, romance, and our inability to keep all the plotlines straight. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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