CT and Pax welcome back fan-favorite Fourth Chair guest William Bruce West back to the show. The trio discussion television series finales. What makes a great finale? What are some of the best? What are some of the worst? Plus, we complete our musical intro hat trick thanks to the amazing efforts of frequent Fourth Chair guest Geek Kay.

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This week the nerds are joined by Jay from SexyArmpit and Tim from Neighborhood Archive to discuss their favorite fictional bands.  Expect lots of talk about bands like The Pinheads, The Folksmen, The Guys Next Door and Sexy Lingerie.  Plus lots more.

At the end, in our lightning round, listen to us try to guess what movie/TV show obscure fake band names come from.


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Jen from Klingon Pop Warrior returns to the show as the crew talk about musicals! After a discussion on musicals in general, the podcasters turn several non-musical properties into musicals. Nothing is safe. There's Running Man: The Musical, Big Trouble in Little China: The Musical, Young Guns: The Musical and The Dukes of Hazzard Musical. Also listen to the biggest opening bit the Nerds have ever pulled off.

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Kay from Hyperspace Theories and Fangirlblog returns to the show and CT leads a discussion about The Rockeeteer. What made the story great? Was there chemistry between Cliff and Jenny? Should villains abandon pottery? And how many times in movies do they explain the demise of the "land" in "Hollywoodland"? Nerd To-Dos feature Doctor Who, more podcasts, and X-Men.

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In a creative exercise that didn't make it into Episode 167, the nerds put together an infomercial circa 1998 for a product that deserved one. The segment got a little weird, but Charlie's Angels fans are sure to love it.

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Tim Lybarger joins the nerds for an in-depth discussion of TV's truest art form, infomercials.  The guys reminisce about all time favorites from Ginsu knives to the Ronco rotisserie, name some favorite pitchmen, and highlight the most ridiculous infomercial products.  This week's Nerd To Dos include Brisco Country Jr., Seventh Son, True Detective, and a special Lorenzo Watch 2015 live reading.

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This week the nerds are joined by Nick from Dude Foods and Jess from Burger Mary to create movie menus.  Each person is assigned a movie and a restaurant from someone else and they must create a custom themed menu with only the items from the current menu of their restaurant.

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In an "Extra Helping" of the Nerd Lunch Podcast, CT talks to writer/artist Gregg Schigiel about his new comic Pix (which was reviewed just yesterday), his podcasts, and their days when they were at Marvel together. Plus, hear CT actually acknowledge the existence of the Pod, James Pod Podcast and find out whether or not the food was poisoned.

You can learn more about Gregg at Hatter Entertainment. Learn about Pix by visiting PixComic.com. Contact your local comic store and ask them to order item code DEC141546. Or, order it from Amazon.

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Jon Cross from the After Movie Diner returns and together the podcasters come up with a pitch for the next SyFy monster movie. They determine the monster or monsters, the story, the cast and a whole slew of other details. SyFy Channel, are you listening? "Monstergeddon, WI" is bound to make you MILLIONS! Also: This episode features the invention of the "Steampunk Light Orchestra." Make sure your podcast app settings allow for the awesome you'll hear on this episode.

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Banded together from remote corners of the blogosphere are four of the most sinister bloggers of all time—The Fourth Chair Army of Doom! Dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Branded in the 80s' Shawn Robare, along with Jay from The Sexy Armpit, Jaime from Shezcrafti and Rondal from Strange Kids Club, lead a successful coup to takeover the Nerd Lunch Podcast. And of course, they make their topic all about cartoon villains. Will the Nerd Lunchers ever get their show back, or has evil really triumphed? There's only one way to find out—listen now!

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Matt Ringler from Schlock Treatment returns and the Nerds return to the scenario first executed in episode 129. CT takes on the persona of idiot Ned N. Lurch who is being fooled into thinking he's being given a chance to brainstorm a TV show project that will be pitched to Hollywood. Unfortunately for Ned, his powerful step-dad has partnered him with consultants tasked with pitching horrible ideas to him in an effort to creat the "WORST. TV SHOW. EVER."

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Dubba from On Second Scoop and Nosh Show fame returns to the Fourth Chair this week as the nerds don the Nerdstradamus turban to make their annual predictions. Listen and be amazed at the range of psychic insights about TV, fast food/junk food, and celebrity news for the year to come. Plus the guys play a game of Overs and Unders about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Nerd To Dos include the Houdini mini-series, the podcast We're Alive, the podcast Dragonfly Ripple, and roller derby.

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CT leads the podcasters into a three-way dance discussion where they come up with the casts of two new "Expendables" movies. First, they figure out the cast to "The Expendables of Teacher Movies" and follow that up with "The Expendables of Sports Movies." Programming note: The podcasters are taking a two week break from regular episodes. Look for potential extra helpings and the return of the regular show in mid-January.

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Digio from The Atomic Geeks drops by for his seasonal visit to spread some holiday podcasting cheer. This week the nerds put together some Christmas themed triple features of movies and TV specials. Not surprisingly the discussion features a lot of Rudolph, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and other Rankin/Bass specials, but somehow the Flintstones, Star Trek: Generations, Drew Barrymore, and Pierce Brosnan come up as well. This week's Nerd To Dos feature Orphan Black, The 100, The Battle of the Five Armies, and some basketball memoirs (?).

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The nerds are joined this week by Shawn Robare and Evan Hanson to discuss our memories growing up before the Internet and going to comic book shops.  We talk about a few of our favorite comic book shops and we talk about some of the more choice employees of these comic shops back in the day.  It's a lively discussion that I think you're going to enjoy.

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The Nerd Lunch crew welcome back returning guest Kay from Fangirlblog.com and the Hyperspace Theories Podcast. After actually discussing a little "Geek News" (™The Atomic Geeks), the podcasters talk about two classic Muppet Christmas productions, Muppet Family Christmas and A Muppet Christmas Carol. In the discussion are thoughts on how they work as annual viewing traditions, their overall quality and their place in history as one of the last Jim Henson Muppet projects and one of the first without him. You could call "Nerd To-Dos" "Nerd To-Whos" this week as there are two Doctor Who items. Also Star Wars book reading and additional Christmas special watching makes the lists.

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The nerds are joined this time around by Michael May for a drill down on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  As the crown jewel of the Trek movies, you might expect this episode to be a full-on love fest.  And you'd be mostly right, but listen anyway to find out exactly why Wrath of Khan is so great.  Our Nerd To Dos feature some Muppets, analyzing A Christmas Carol, hardcore legend Mick Foley, and lots of podcast editing.

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Tim Lybarger and Jaime Hood join Pax and Jeeg for an episode that is truly party fun for all ages. Yes, it’s our long anticipated discussion of the classic 8-bit Nintendo.  We share memories of first getting our hands on the NES, our favorite and worst games, and the weird and wonderful world of NES accessories.  Our Nerd To Dos include more of The Shining, the Hardy Boys novels, a vintage vinyl collection, and one blockbuster #LorenzoWatch2014 update.

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CT and Pax are joined by frequent guest Robert Zerbe to discuss the first three X-Men movies from 2000, 2003 and 2006.  We discuss our history with the movies, what characters we liked and which ones we didn't.  We discuss our favorite scenes, least favorite scenes, what worked and what didn't.  And we start it all off by ranking the movies from favorite to least favorite.

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Inspired by fourth chair carryover question from Rob Graham, we invite Rob back on the show to talk about movie scores. After getting some awkwardness out of the way, the podcasters talk about their favorite action, horror, drama, comedy, animation and sci-fi movie scores and composers. Nerd To-Dos feature Horns, Interstellar and The Shining. Plus, the power of the Lorenzo Watch 2014 is revealed!

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Episode 153 - Setting the Table on Star Wars

Despite having delved into Star Wars topics during the previous three years on the show, the Nerd Lunch crew have never really "set the table" on Star Wars as a whole. CT and Pax welcome back returning guest Michael May and new guest Kay (from FANgirl Blog and Hyperspace Theories) to do just that. We talk about our favorite and least favorites of the movies, characters, ships, aliens and more. Nerd To-Dos this week features Snowpiercer, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Halloween wrap up.

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Jay from The Sexy Armpit joins Jeeg and Pax for second Halloween treat to bask in the awesomeness that is KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.  Without question it’s the best movie with KISS and sparkly cloaks and magical talismans and robotic doubles and lifeguard chairs and Michael Bell voiceover work.  Only the 70s could produce something this special and these nerds love it.

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Jeeg and Pax are joined by regular Jay from Sexy Armpit and very special guest Matt from Dinosaur Dracula in his very first podcast appearance.  The Halloween nerds spend some time discussing some of our favorite Halloween retail items like Mt Dew Pitch Black and Entenmann's Halloween donuts.  Then we all begin creating our own Halloween versions of existing products.  Lots to discuss and have fun with in this 2014 Nerd Lunch Halloween Spectacular.

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CT and Pax sit back and discuss the first two seasons of CW's Arrow show.  We talk about our favorite and not so favorite characters.  We discuss the actors portraying the characters and how the CW has translated Green Arrow to the screen.  We even discuss the first episode of season three as well as the spinoff show The Flash.

Lots to discuss in Nerd Lunch's primer for Arrow.

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CT and Pax are joined by the co-hosts of Classic Film Jerks, Digio and Bloom, to help kick off their new podcast experiment, The Recast.  In The Recast Digio and Bloom are joined by a guest to recast famous and not so famous movies with currently working actors.  This week they join us to recast one of all of our favorites, the Steven Spielberg Robert Zemekis joint, Back to the Future.  Expect our picks to be all over the map, most especially for Doc Brown.  It's a lot of fun and an interesting discussion.  

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