It's tournament time on this fifth Tuesday as Jeeg convenes a panel to crown the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Joining the crew for a fun stroll down IMDB lane are Shawn Robare, Peter Kuebeck, and the Awesome Grace Jones.

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Tank returns for a 2019 Summer Movie Preview!

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CT, Pax, and Mike Westfall play America's favorite game show, "Name That Fourth Chair Army Member", with host Jeeg McJeegerson. How good are they are identifying Fourth Chair guests from their first tweets or Instagram photos? You might be surprised, unless you've listened to one of our Nerdstradamus episodes.

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With the new Shazam! movie fresh in theaters, Michael May, Evan Hanson, and Paxton Holley go back to 1941 to talk about the Big Red Cheese's first movie appearance. It's a deep dive into the classic movie serial as well as discussions of comics, the '70s TV show, and expectations for the new film.

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It's a postscript to March as The Chap Report's March episode finds itself in the beginning of April. Corey welcomes back Carlin Trammel of "Nerd Lunch Prime." The two talk A LOT about planes which includes a metaphor for Carlin's post-Nerd Lunch Podcast career, LOST and what it's like to fly on planes. Also, Carlin makes an impassioned plea to not quickly move on to the next national story.

Remember the massive amount of devastation that has hit our country over the past couple years. Lots of people still need help. You can read just a few of the stories about Mexico Beach at as just one example.

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