This month, instead of asking guests questions, he has to answer listener questions! No question is off limits! From favorite Halloween costume to biggest life decision you didn't make, make sure you check out this episode. Who would be the ultimate celebrity guest? Who would play Chaps in the movie about his life? Listen and learn....

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Way back in episode 228, we did Nerd Lunch Civil War. Now, eclectik comes back on the show to host a sequel. The Nerds are presented with popular divisive topics and must pick a side and argue why they pick it. Monopoly or Scrabble? Brosnan or Moore? Michael Jackson or Prince? And so much more. 

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Shawn Robare, Evan Hanson, and Michael May unpack Unbreakable, sift through Split, and get into Glass. They also converse on the career of M Night Shyamalan, wondering if one of us has made a gross error and wasted the other person's valuable time. 

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The Star Wars panel is back to discuss the Solo movie that they didn't talk about in May 2018.  

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