Andrew Bloom of Classic Film Jerks returns to the podcast pitching a topic of his own. In this episode we swap the casts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe films. How many times will we cast Jeremy Irons? Only one way to find out---listen now!

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Evan Hanson, Jay Ryan, Paxton Holley, and Michael May hang out in the sinister Bats Cave, talking about the first screen appearance of the Dark Knight in the 1943 serial, Batman. There are thrills and there are shudders, but mostly there’s a lot of laughter as the panel spelunks deep into the Caped Crusader’s history.

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Our annual festival of prognostication returns to start off 2019 with Rondal Scott as our Fourth Chair guest soothsayer. After crowning the 2018 Nerdstradamus champion, we make predictions for the coming year in TV, fast food/junk food, a wildcard category, and play Avengers Endgame Overs and Unders. Also listen for a trio of big Nerd Lunch announcements in this episode.

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On this December/January episode of The Chap Report, Corey is joined by Chris "Tank" Tanski as they take a look back at the movies of 2018. They reveal their Top 10 films of the year, discuss the ones that just missed the cut, and geek out about what movies they are excited for in 2019.

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