The holiday tradition continues as Michael DiGiovanni returns to the Fourth Chair for the 2018 Nerd Lunch Christmas spectacular. This year we're giving the holiday treatment to our Movie Menus franchise topic and creating Christmas movie tie-in menus for some popular restaurants. Where will reindeer pastries be on the breakfast menu? Which burger chain will be the place to go for this year's hottest toy? Why do restaurant executives get nervous when we do this topic? Get answers to all of these questions plus a plate full of Christmas cheer in this episode.

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It's the final episode of Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole. We visit the Lord of the Rings wiki and welcome CT's daughter Annaliese from Dragonfly Ripple to join Jeff, Pax and CT. Savor this episode like lembas bread, because once it's's over!

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It's the annual Ninja Day episode!  This year we are joined by Evan Hansen to discuss the 1997 Chris Farley martial arts vehicle, Beverly Hills Ninja.

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