This month's episode of The Chap Report is a discussion with Sarah, known to the UnderScoopFire world as former Brian Hail Mary *redacted*. We had deep conversation about Sarah's journey: her childhood, her married life, her struggles, and her decision to follow her heart. Its a pretty straight forward talk about being transgender.

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Adam from SequelQuest and our old co-founder PLee hop on the show to rifle through some old cheap comic bins and create super hero teams again. This time, it's all young characters as we form the 50 Cent Bin Teen Titans.

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Andrew Bloom from Classic Film Jerks returns to the Hole and we do a "classic holin'" by visiting Wikipedia and giving ourselves no theme. We learn about all the things Ben Franklin invented along the way. Hashtag education!

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John Vanover joins us in the Fourth Chair this week to spend the 99 Jeegbucks we've each earned as our Nerd Lunch appearance fee. The catch is those bucks can only be spent in the online store assigned to us by another member of the podcast panel. Listen to find out what oddities make it into our shopping carts.

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