Mike Westfall completes some sort of milestone as he guests on the new episode of the Chap Report. Corey talks with Mike about all things Disney World.

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On this episode of Nerd Lunch the guys are joined by William Bruce West to create a University based on the podcast.  We talk about a location, a mascot, and we round table our ideas for classes and professors.  It's a fun discussion we think you'll enjoy.

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During Carlin's recent trip to New York City, he and his wife, Janay met up with Jeff and his wife, Emily. And they all mutually decided to sit down and record a podcast together. Except not exactly that. But close enough. Listen to this first-time, in-person recording of Rabbit Hole where they try to get from one New York City-themed page on Wikipedia to another. Also, you may want to empty your bladder before listening to this one.

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Carlin and his wife head to the Big Apple with a recording device in tow. Along the way, they meet up with Jay from the Sexy Armpit, Jon from the After Movie Diner and Jeff from Down the Rabbit Hole and Talkin' Chopp. Hear about the activities that occurred during these meet ups. Also, hear about the best "Fictional New Yorks."

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After weeks of texting back and forth about the rumored Picard TV series, CT and PLee got on the internet phone to discuss the confirmation of the news that Picard is indeed coming back. They speculate on what might happen, give ideas for what the show could cover and offer opinions about themes the show should delve into. They answer questions like what other Next Generation cast members should show up, what's should the first shot be of the series and what about Q? It's a rare moment when our podcast is jumping in on the discussion. So strike while the iron is tea Earl Grey, hot!

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