On this months edition of The Chap Report:
Corey is guest-less! Thats right, you have to endure 42 solid minutes of his rants, with NO ONE to shut him up!
His diatribe includes talking about a life changing health scare, Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain's suicides, summer movie reviews, Chris Hardwick, and more!
Its a real uplifting show!
Trust me, its good.
(its alright)
(he needs a guest next month)
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Pax came to Tallahassee to visit CT and it required a podcast being recorded. So they talked about their day together and along the way talked about bathrooms, GeoStorm, Muppets, pizza and a local diner.

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On this episode we are joined by Christian Nielsen and Shawn Robare to select 16 video arcade games that need to go into the Nerd Lunch Video Arcade Museum.  Does your favorite make it?  Probably not.

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Jay from The Sexy Armpit and The Purple Stuff podcast joins the Rabbit Hole crew. In doing so, Jay complete the "Nerd Lunch Grand Slam" and to celebrate, they pick pages that are purple.

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The Internet has been buzzing and nerds everywhere have an opinion, but the wait for the definitive take is now over. This week we welcome back Michael May to break down the tent pole film Solo. Enjoy the type of analysis that only the Nerd Lunch crew can provide.

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