While CT, Pax, and Jeeg are off saving the world, the Fourth Chair Army steps in to fill your podcast feed. In this episode, FCA members Michael May, Liz Twachtman, Mike Westfall, and Evan Hanson each introduce another panelist to something they've never tried before. Listen and see if the newbies are convinced about The Americans, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Attack the Block, and Meet the Robinsons.

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It seems like every time you turn around, something is getting rebooted. From Halloween to Spiderman to Star Trek, what is old is new again. And that goes for television as well. From Twin Peaks to The X-Files to...Star Trek? 
On this episode of The Chap Report, Corey welcomes blogger and podcaster Chad Young from HorrorMovieBBQ.com to discuss the current and impending reboots on television.

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This week we are joined by Atomic Geek Michael Downs.  We all know the trope of all the R-Rated movies that were adapted into kids cartoons; Robocop, Police Academy, Rambo, etc.  This week we are reversing that.  We all pick an 80s cartoon and adapt an R-Rated movie out of the show's concept.

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The Rabbit Hole crew welcomes back Jonathan DeMuth and they ASSEMBLE a team of Avengers using their links choices from the Marvel Wiki. PLEASE NOTE: This episode contains copious amounts of Avengers: Infinity War spoilers for no good reason.

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After years of teasing it, the Nerd Lunch Crew finally do it. They rewatched all the Matrix movies and finally have that discussion. The first allegedly changed the face of filmmaking, but the follow up are a bit more controversial in what they delivered. Michael DiGiovanni from Classic Film Jerks joins the show to do a structured "Drive By" discussion on the series.

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