CT and Pax have seen it so check out their raw and spoiler-filled discussion on the 19th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Remember, I said spoilers.

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“The Chap Report," the timeless pop culture podcast that did not break any new ground nor dominated ratings in its original run, will returns to the podcastwaves with all-new episodes, in a special 90 minute premiere, TUESDAY, APRIL 24. “The Chap Report” will air in its regular time slot, the fourth Tuesday of each and every month on The Nerd Lunch feed.

Featuring the show’s original (and only) host Corey Chapman, the revival will explore television, movies, music, technology, politics, and everything in between.

On the premiere episode, Corey sits down with CT from Nerd Lunch to discuss how the reboot came to fruition. Then he welcomes Chris Tanski to the show, as they break down the 2018 Summer Movie season.

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One upon a time, a certain commercial featuring Martin Scorcese had a very special impact on CT and Jeeg. Learn more about that in this Extra Helping and maybe maybe maybe maybe you'll learn something about yourself too.

Thanks to Derek Dahlsad for saving this gem for posterity and for posting a whole bunch of 80s and 90s goodies on his YouTube channel.

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It's a three way dance where Jeeg, Pax, and CT discuss some of the first and most recent personal and pop culture events in their lives. The nerds cover basics like first car and first movie theater experience, but along the way veer into oddities like George Bush erasing the Flash, navigating life without TV Guide, the joys of 14.4 modems, and more.

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On the new Rabbit Hole, we welcome our good friend and pop culture blogger, William Bruce West. He lives up to the motto "he's forgotten more than you know" when we jump into the Power Rangers Wikia and he becomes the Zordon to our Rangers. Join us on a journey as we learn that when it comes to podcasting, the power of teamwork overcomes all.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CT's daughter, Annaliese!

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This week we are joined by our good lawyery friend Evan Hansen and we return to the topic We Meet Again and talk about actors that have appeared together in multiple projects over the years.  We discuss ones we liked, ones we disliked and ones we'd love to see happen in the future.

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