The nerds reunite Nosh Show originals Dubba and Eric for a tournament to crown the best pizza topping. Along the way, pizza preferences are laid bare, the merits of Hawaiian pizza are discussed, and more things are revealed that Dubba won't eat. Cheer on your favorites in the big dance and listen for the one greasy moment that makes every Sweet Sixteen special.

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To celebrate the madness that is March, the regular Rabbit Holes talk about that one special hole...the basketball goal. They visit which turns out to be one of the worst officiated wikis we've run across. Due to the fast-paced nature of basketball, we try to hit all the pages we brought. Is it a slam dunk or are we denied?!

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Jeeg, Michael May, William Bruce West, and Liz Twachtman break down Marvel's latest home run, Black Panther. Spoiler alert: we reveal things about the plot. Spoiler alert: we like this movie A LOT.

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This week we are joined by Mike Westfall to draft a basketball team filled with players from movies, TV shows and cartoons.  We all create our own semi-professional teams, including names/mascots, and we start a snake draft picking players to play on our teams.

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