Our friend Liz Twachtman from NerdintheCity.com joins the cast for Hole Time this month and we dive into the Star Wars wiki to talk about Sarlaccs, Midicholorians and Luke Skywalker. Plus, this episode features the return of Paxton Holley AND, we are without Jeff this episode in a Rabbit Hole first. Thankfully Jonathan DeMuth was still in our studio from last time so he force jumped in like Yoda.

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Our plans to talk about the 18 Coy and Vance episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard have yet again crashed into the ravine. Instead, find out what happens...during the show.

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Jay from The Sexy Armpit and The Purple Stuff Podcast returns and the podcasters come up with ideas for shows that have the word "new" in them. Hear about "The New Cheers," "The New Just Shoot Me!," "The New Head of the Class," and a NEW version of Married with Children.

Also, be sure to come back next week for episode 300!

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The Nerds take a quiet moment before the big 'Triple C' arrives to answer questions from friends and Fourth Chair Army members. Lots of transparency and fun discussions. Plus, hear our friend Eddie Jimmy Olmos again.

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