The Rabbit Hole crew welcomes Nintendo expert Amanda VanHiel from Zelda Universe to the show and they jump into the Nintendo wiki. But not before talking about metal bikini cosplay first. Also, Jonathan DeMuth is missing and the Nerd Lunch search and rescue team must find him. Avoid a turtle shell and listen to this now!

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This week on the show, we welcome back Jason Gross from and we decide to each form our own Space Forces using a draft. The catch this time is that picking a character for our team completely removes that character's franchise from the board for future picks. So we get pretty deep on this as we choose Space Force Chief of Staff, Field Commander, Chief of Medical and more.

Direct download: NerdLunch_309_Space-Force-Draft.mp3
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On this months edition of The Chap Report:
Corey is guest-less! Thats right, you have to endure 42 solid minutes of his rants, with NO ONE to shut him up!
His diatribe includes talking about a life changing health scare, Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain's suicides, summer movie reviews, Chris Hardwick, and more!
Its a real uplifting show!
Trust me, its good.
(its alright)
(he needs a guest next month)
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Pax came to Tallahassee to visit CT and it required a podcast being recorded. So they talked about their day together and along the way talked about bathrooms, GeoStorm, Muppets, pizza and a local diner.

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On this episode we are joined by Christian Nielsen and Shawn Robare to select 16 video arcade games that need to go into the Nerd Lunch Video Arcade Museum.  Does your favorite make it?  Probably not.

Direct download: 308_-_Sweet_Sixteen_-_Arcade_Games.mp3
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Jay from The Sexy Armpit and The Purple Stuff podcast joins the Rabbit Hole crew. In doing so, Jay complete the "Nerd Lunch Grand Slam" and to celebrate, they pick pages that are purple.

Direct download: RabbitHole19_JayRyan.mp3
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The Internet has been buzzing and nerds everywhere have an opinion, but the wait for the definitive take is now over. This week we welcome back Michael May to break down the tent pole film Solo. Enjoy the type of analysis that only the Nerd Lunch crew can provide.

Direct download: NerdLunch_307_Solo.mp3
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While CT, Pax, and Jeeg are off saving the world, the Fourth Chair Army steps in to fill your podcast feed. In this episode, FCA members Michael May, Liz Twachtman, Mike Westfall, and Evan Hanson each introduce another panelist to something they've never tried before. Listen and see if the newbies are convinced about The Americans, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Attack the Block, and Meet the Robinsons.

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It seems like every time you turn around, something is getting rebooted. From Halloween to Spiderman to Star Trek, what is old is new again. And that goes for television as well. From Twin Peaks to The X-Files to...Star Trek? 
On this episode of The Chap Report, Corey welcomes blogger and podcaster Chad Young from to discuss the current and impending reboots on television.

Direct download: The_Chap_Report_2.0_with_Chad_Young.mp3
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This week we are joined by Atomic Geek Michael Downs.  We all know the trope of all the R-Rated movies that were adapted into kids cartoons; Robocop, Police Academy, Rambo, etc.  This week we are reversing that.  We all pick an 80s cartoon and adapt an R-Rated movie out of the show's concept.

Direct download: 306_-_Create_an_R_Rated_Movie_from_an_80s_Cartoon.mp3
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The Rabbit Hole crew welcomes back Jonathan DeMuth and they ASSEMBLE a team of Avengers using their links choices from the Marvel Wiki. PLEASE NOTE: This episode contains copious amounts of Avengers: Infinity War spoilers for no good reason.

Direct download: RabbitHole18_AvengersAssemble.mp3
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After years of teasing it, the Nerd Lunch Crew finally do it. They rewatched all the Matrix movies and finally have that discussion. The first allegedly changed the face of filmmaking, but the follow up are a bit more controversial in what they delivered. Michael DiGiovanni from Classic Film Jerks joins the show to do a structured "Drive By" discussion on the series.

Direct download: NerdLunch_305_The-Matrix-Movies-Drive-By.mp3
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CT and Pax have seen it so check out their raw and spoiler-filled discussion on the 19th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Remember, I said spoilers.

Direct download: NerdLunch_EH_Avengers-Infinity-War.mp3
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“The Chap Report," the timeless pop culture podcast that did not break any new ground nor dominated ratings in its original run, will returns to the podcastwaves with all-new episodes, in a special 90 minute premiere, TUESDAY, APRIL 24. “The Chap Report” will air in its regular time slot, the fourth Tuesday of each and every month on The Nerd Lunch feed.

Featuring the show’s original (and only) host Corey Chapman, the revival will explore television, movies, music, technology, politics, and everything in between.

On the premiere episode, Corey sits down with CT from Nerd Lunch to discuss how the reboot came to fruition. Then he welcomes Chris Tanski to the show, as they break down the 2018 Summer Movie season.

Direct download: TCR-01_Tank-and-Carlin.mp3
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One upon a time, a certain commercial featuring Martin Scorcese had a very special impact on CT and Jeeg. Learn more about that in this Extra Helping and maybe maybe maybe maybe you'll learn something about yourself too.

Thanks to Derek Dahlsad for saving this gem for posterity and for posting a whole bunch of 80s and 90s goodies on his YouTube channel.

Direct download: NerdLunch_EH_Scorcese.mp3
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It's a three way dance where Jeeg, Pax, and CT discuss some of the first and most recent personal and pop culture events in their lives. The nerds cover basics like first car and first movie theater experience, but along the way veer into oddities like George Bush erasing the Flash, navigating life without TV Guide, the joys of 14.4 modems, and more.

Direct download: NerdLunch_304_FirstsandLasts.mp3
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On the new Rabbit Hole, we welcome our good friend and pop culture blogger, William Bruce West. He lives up to the motto "he's forgotten more than you know" when we jump into the Power Rangers Wikia and he becomes the Zordon to our Rangers. Join us on a journey as we learn that when it comes to podcasting, the power of teamwork overcomes all.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CT's daughter, Annaliese!

Direct download: RabbitHole17_WilliamBruceWest.mp3
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This week we are joined by our good lawyery friend Evan Hansen and we return to the topic We Meet Again and talk about actors that have appeared together in multiple projects over the years.  We discuss ones we liked, ones we disliked and ones we'd love to see happen in the future.

Direct download: 303_-_We_Meet_Again_Again.mp3
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The nerds reunite Nosh Show originals Dubba and Eric for a tournament to crown the best pizza topping. Along the way, pizza preferences are laid bare, the merits of Hawaiian pizza are discussed, and more things are revealed that Dubba won't eat. Cheer on your favorites in the big dance and listen for the one greasy moment that makes every Sweet Sixteen special.

Direct download: NerdLunch_302_SweetSixteenPizzaToppings.mp3
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To celebrate the madness that is March, the regular Rabbit Holes talk about that one special hole...the basketball goal. They visit which turns out to be one of the worst officiated wikis we've run across. Due to the fast-paced nature of basketball, we try to hit all the pages we brought. Is it a slam dunk or are we denied?!

Direct download: RabbitHole16_Basketball.mp3
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Jeeg, Michael May, William Bruce West, and Liz Twachtman break down Marvel's latest home run, Black Panther. Spoiler alert: we reveal things about the plot. Spoiler alert: we like this movie A LOT.

Direct download: NerdLunch_EH_BlackPanther.mp3
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This week we are joined by Mike Westfall to draft a basketball team filled with players from movies, TV shows and cartoons.  We all create our own semi-professional teams, including names/mascots, and we start a snake draft picking players to play on our teams.

Direct download: 301_-_Pop_Culture_Fantasy_Draft_2.mp3
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Our friend Liz Twachtman from joins the cast for Hole Time this month and we dive into the Star Wars wiki to talk about Sarlaccs, Midicholorians and Luke Skywalker. Plus, this episode features the return of Paxton Holley AND, we are without Jeff this episode in a Rabbit Hole first. Thankfully Jonathan DeMuth was still in our studio from last time so he force jumped in like Yoda.

Direct download: RabbitHole15_Liz-Twachtman.mp3
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Our plans to talk about the 18 Coy and Vance episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard have yet again crashed into the ravine. Instead, find out what happens...during the show.

Direct download: NerdLunch_300_During-the-Show.mp3
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Jay from The Sexy Armpit and The Purple Stuff Podcast returns and the podcasters come up with ideas for shows that have the word "new" in them. Hear about "The New Cheers," "The New Just Shoot Me!," "The New Head of the Class," and a NEW version of Married with Children.

Also, be sure to come back next week for episode 300!

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