Back in 1996, CT and a friend from college, Carl, worked as grips on an episode of the syndicated show Sightings. In this extra helping, CT and Carl reminisce about their weekend working on this show. Additionally, CT tracked down the director of the episode, Patrick Taulère, and talked to him about some of what happened behind-the-scenes of Sightings (including how Happy Days' Henry Winkler was involved). Get your incense ready and take a listen to this special episode!

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The nerds welcome Tim Lybarger back to the Fourth Chair to talk about things they completely missed the boat on. That acclaimed movie that everyone loves? Never saw it. The hot gadget that changed everyone's life? Never got one. That popular show everyone talked about it in the office? Never watched an episode. If you want to find out how out of touch the guys are, don't miss the boat on this episode.

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Jeeg from "Nerd Lunch Prime" makes his Rabbit Hole debut and we boldly go into new territory with a three-man crew for the first time. We explore the Star Trek Wikia and try to get from Mintakan Leader Nuria to Data's evil brother Lore in less than seven pages. We also play some dom-jot along the way.

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Michael May returns to the show and the podcasters create "Nerd Lunch World" a new amusement park funded with an infinitely huge grant. Each of the podcasters gets to create one land in the park. What does Oz Land, Rock and Wrestling Land, Star Trek Land or Thundarr Land look like? Well, we'll show you by telling you so look with your ears at our latest episode now!

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This week Pax is flying solo and is joined by Digio, Evan Hansen and Charlton Hero to draft our own supervillain teams.  The only rule, they have to be villains that can be regularly found in the bargain bin comics of your local comic shop or comic convention.  Come listen to some awesomely obscure villains!

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