This is the annual Nerd Lunch Halloween Special.  Matt and Jay from Purple Stuff podcast return to discuss the 1986 Elvira MTV Halloween Special.  It's four hours of amazing 80s nostalgia and discuss it all including the skits, the music videos and even the commercials!

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CT recently visited his old college campus and was invited to speak at a class. And it all happened because of the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Curious? Check out his presentation and be inspired!

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The Nerd Lunch crew welcomes Brad aka FijiMermaid on Twitter back to the show to do a Drive By on the Alien films. We spend a few minutes on each entry in the franchise, what our history is with it and where we want to see it go. We speed by the AvP films for now, saving them for a future Predator Drive By. Lots of fun mini-discussions on these movies. Listen now. Don't wait until after you wake up from your cryogenic sleep!

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It's hole time with's Joanna joining the show at we head down the Headhunter's Horror House Wiki and try to get from The Fear: Resurrection to some box that Jeff chose. Oh the box from Hellraiser. I, CT, just don't feel like looking up the spelling. Also in this episode: how to say "Horror"!

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Shawn Robare visits again and the crew creates their own new Saturday Morning Cartoon Line-Up. Each podcaster comes up with three shows they'd like to see and the combined roster of shows becomes a brand new Saturday Morning line up. Grab a bowl of Nerd Lunch Crunch and sit in front of the TV for five hours straight of greatness.

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This week we are joined by first time 4th chair guest Adam from the SequelQuest Podcast.  He is joining us to bring back old TV shows.  We are each tasked with picking a show that's been cancelled for at least 10 years and crafting a new, sequel series featuring members of the original cast.  Expect lots of fun, surprising choices like Learning the Ropes, Journeyman and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

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