Jeeg, CT, and Michael May discuss the first season of Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi love letter, The Orville. The nerds discuss what drew them to the show, their favorite characters, episode highlights, and what they're hoping to see in season 2. 

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Andrew Bloom from the Classic Film Jerks podcast joins Carlin and Jeff for a Christmas-themed episode of our show. Hilarity ensues as we see if we can get from the "Scrooged" page on Wikipedia to "Bethlehem, PA." 

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we once again welcome Michael DiGiovanni to the Fourth Chair for the Nerd Lunch Christmas spectacular. This year we create Christmas specials for characters and celebrities that never had them but should have. First on the docket are pitches for an idea we joked about last year: The Doof Warrior Christmas Special.

After you’ve enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out DiGio’s previous Christmas appearances dating back to 2012.

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This week is the annual Nerd Lunch Ninja Day Special.  We are again joined by Keith Rainville from and this time we discuss the bananas on bananas ninja vs kaiju movie, Magic Serpent from 1966.

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Back in 1996, CT and a friend from college, Carl, worked as grips on an episode of the syndicated show Sightings. In this extra helping, CT and Carl reminisce about their weekend working on this show. Additionally, CT tracked down the director of the episode, Patrick Taulère, and talked to him about some of what happened behind-the-scenes of Sightings (including how Happy Days' Henry Winkler was involved). Get your incense ready and take a listen to this special episode!

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The nerds welcome Tim Lybarger back to the Fourth Chair to talk about things they completely missed the boat on. That acclaimed movie that everyone loves? Never saw it. The hot gadget that changed everyone's life? Never got one. That popular show everyone talked about it in the office? Never watched an episode. If you want to find out how out of touch the guys are, don't miss the boat on this episode.

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Jeeg from "Nerd Lunch Prime" makes his Rabbit Hole debut and we boldly go into new territory with a three-man crew for the first time. We explore the Star Trek Wikia and try to get from Mintakan Leader Nuria to Data's evil brother Lore in less than seven pages. We also play some dom-jot along the way.

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Michael May returns to the show and the podcasters create "Nerd Lunch World" a new amusement park funded with an infinitely huge grant. Each of the podcasters gets to create one land in the park. What does Oz Land, Rock and Wrestling Land, Star Trek Land or Thundarr Land look like? Well, we'll show you by telling you so look with your ears at our latest episode now!

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This week Pax is flying solo and is joined by Digio, Evan Hansen and Charlton Hero to draft our own supervillain teams.  The only rule, they have to be villains that can be regularly found in the bargain bin comics of your local comic shop or comic convention.  Come listen to some awesomely obscure villains!

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This is the annual Nerd Lunch Halloween Special.  Matt and Jay from Purple Stuff podcast return to discuss the 1986 Elvira MTV Halloween Special.  It's four hours of amazing 80s nostalgia and discuss it all including the skits, the music videos and even the commercials!

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CT recently visited his old college campus and was invited to speak at a class. And it all happened because of the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Curious? Check out his presentation and be inspired!

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The Nerd Lunch crew welcomes Brad aka FijiMermaid on Twitter back to the show to do a Drive By on the Alien films. We spend a few minutes on each entry in the franchise, what our history is with it and where we want to see it go. We speed by the AvP films for now, saving them for a future Predator Drive By. Lots of fun mini-discussions on these movies. Listen now. Don't wait until after you wake up from your cryogenic sleep!

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It's hole time with's Joanna joining the show at we head down the Headhunter's Horror House Wiki and try to get from The Fear: Resurrection to some box that Jeff chose. Oh the box from Hellraiser. I, CT, just don't feel like looking up the spelling. Also in this episode: how to say "Horror"!

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Shawn Robare visits again and the crew creates their own new Saturday Morning Cartoon Line-Up. Each podcaster comes up with three shows they'd like to see and the combined roster of shows becomes a brand new Saturday Morning line up. Grab a bowl of Nerd Lunch Crunch and sit in front of the TV for five hours straight of greatness.

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This week we are joined by first time 4th chair guest Adam from the SequelQuest Podcast.  He is joining us to bring back old TV shows.  We are each tasked with picking a show that's been cancelled for at least 10 years and crafting a new, sequel series featuring members of the original cast.  Expect lots of fun, surprising choices like Learning the Ropes, Journeyman and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

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In our first "Drive-By," a sister topic to the Drill Down shows, we discuss the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist TV shows that are on Netflix. Borrowing from "Down the Rabbit Hole," we set up a timer and spend designated amount of time discussing each season all the way through The Defenders. We are joined by Robert from To the Escape Hatch and Dubba from On Second Scoop and The Nosh Show for this MARVELous discussion!

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CT and Pax survived. Here's a bit more information about how they fared in Irma and what's to come as a result of her wrath.

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In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Nerd Lunchers welcome new Fourth Chair guest Zaki Hasan and the four of them do a pseudo-drill down on the series. There's a lot to cover and only so much time to do it. And we also got caught in a time loop while recording, but that's neither here nor there.

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Back from summer hiatus, the Nerd Lunch crew is joined by Rondal from Strange Kids Club to pitch a reboot of the road race movie Cannonball Run.  All of us take turns pitching celebrity teams and talk about who we think would win.  

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Special announcement by Pax about a brand new podcast called I Read Movies.

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We valiantly tried to complete a quartet of reunions, but alas, there was one that was impossibly elusive—the Under Scoop Fire podcast. Someday we'll have to tell the story of scheduling woes, but that's another podcast. Instead, we present this pseudo-rerun. Back in November of 2015, the USF cast appeared on Nerd Lunch as a part of a crossover. And Nerd Lunch appeared on USF, too. For the first time in this feed, here is episode 147 of the Under Scoop Fire podcast with guests, the Nerd Lunch cast.

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Summer Reunions 2017 continues with the last of our full-fledged reunions. The guys who inspired the Nerd Lunch gang to hop on the podcast train...The Atomic Geeks. A year after their final episode, the full crew of DiGio, Downs, Christian and Andrew return for a podcast reunion.

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Summer Reunions 2017 continues with a show takeover! Kirk Howle, Matt Ringler and Doug Frye from the late, great Schlock Treatment podcast take over Nerd Lunch with their version of a Nerd Lunchish topic. The trio comes up with their own schlock movies in what they are dubbing "Build-A-Schlock." Summer Reunions 2017 continues next week!

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Down the Rabbit Hole jumps in on the #NerdLunchSummerReunion fun by reuniting Jeff's old podcast crew from Your Weird. The podcast crew picks some weird links off of Wikipedia. 

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Nerd Lunch kicks off a special month of shows. It's a three-way dance as the Fourth Chair-less trio discusses TV show reunions such as the Duke of Hazzard, Bionic duo and Gilligan's Island movies. Plus, this episode features a very special announcement about the rest of Nerd Lunch's "Summer Reunions 2017" shows!

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