Continuing the Bourne discussion, Pax and CT talk about the newest Matt Damon-Paul Greengrass joint.

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CT, Jeeg and Pax are joined by Robert Zerbe to talk about the Jason Bourne movies.  We discuss the first three Damon ones and then we talk about the Jeremy Renner one.  And you'll also hear lots of Moby.  Like, LOTS.

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Due to what we thought was an error in recording, we wound up doing a take two on the Rabbit Hole episode. But it turned out we had the original recording. get the actual last time we're doing Down the Rabbit Hole on Nerd Lunch. Also, this is funnier if you've already listened to episode 244.

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CT and Pax welcome back Jeff Somogyi and invite new guest Mike Westfall on for our final "Down the Rabbit Hole." Wait...FINAL?! Yes, but fear not, this episode has a special announcement about plans for our rabbit holes. For this episode, the twist is that we have three links from good ol' Wikipedia. Can we get from one to another and work in the third in the middle? And a new rule for the game will bring greater challenges and fewer Channing Tatums. Also...stay tuned for an extra helping later in the week for our actual final Rabbit Hole episode as this particular show is a miracle episode.

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In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Nerd Lunch Podcast, CT and Pax visit Dragon Con in Atlanta. They are under the impression they are to be hosting a live Nerd Lunch panel as a means of celebrating five years, but things don't go how they expect. Along the way they meet Evan Hanson and Geek Kay. Celebrate five years of Nerd Lunch with this very special episode.

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Get in the ring with Jeeg and a wrestling roundtable featuring Jay Ryan, Charlton Hero, and Mike Downs. The fellas discuss their all time favorites in several obscure categories including pre-match attire, foreign objects, and wrestling video games. Almost all corners of the pro-wrestling world from 1980s WCW to present-day WWE to Japan are covered in this heavyweight episode. Grab your favorite steel chair, tear open a turnbuckle, and enjoy.

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