Continuing Star Trek Month, the nerds sit down with Michael May to discuss the character Q.  We discuss our first exposure to him, our thoughts on him as a plot device and what our favorite episodes are.  We even talk about whether we feel Q should be brought back for the new Trek show.

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Star Trek month continues with Sean Kelley from the Improvised Star Trek podcast returning to the show as Fourth Chair. This week the nerds share some of their favorite minutiae from the Star Trek canon. And while favorite Captain or alien race might seem like minutiae to some, for Nerd Lunch it means geeking out about favorite musical performance, game or sport, or holodeck scenario in Trek.

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Star Trek Month begins! The Nerd Lunch crew kick off a four week long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. They welcome William Bruce West and postulate on the future of Star Trek. What will the new series be like? Where does Star Trek need to go in order to survive another 25 years? Great nerdy discussion!

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We begin a new series of movie drill down, this time, we dig deep into the Indiana Jones series. Starting with the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, we are joined by Kay and Todd to find out what we liked about the pulp serial-inspired film. And as a bonus, here lots of real and fake facts from Todd!

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