DiGio from The Atomic Geeks drops by to keep the Fourth Chair warm. The podcasters, inspired by the "Original Ghost Busters" from the 1970s decide to concoct other things that were the "original" versions of popular pop culture properties. Hear about the "original" Veronica Mars, the "original" Transformers, the "original" Preacher, and the "original" Knight Rider. Also, find out how long the crew can go without using the TAG googling music.

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While the finished Nerd Lunch Podcast always sounds like a well oiled machine, we occasionally run into technical difficulties. Like this bit before we recorded Episode 235.

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Join the nerds and Fourth Chair guest Evan Hanson as they discuss the third movie of the Ip Man series starring Donnie Yen and, of all people, Mike Tyson.  The conversation heads in all kinds of directions from Bruce Lee to cliché British stereotypes to the importance of umbrellas in kung fu. This week's show also features the not-so-awaited return of Nerd To Dos including Harry Potter, Hanna-Barbera comics, vintage arcade gaming, the Pod James Pod podcast (whatever that is), and DragonCon.

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More discussion from episode 234 featuring fan fiction reviews and a surprising amount of JK Rowling discussion.

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This week the Nerds are joined by Atomic Geek Christian and they once again return to the wonderland that is FanFiction.net.  Everyone is assigned random movies that are combined into crossover subjects that are then selected from FanFiction.net's crossover movie story section.  It's lots of weird complicated fun where we discuss stories involving Tinkerbell, James Bond and Nightmare on Elm Street.  Join us!

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Jeff Somogyi returns for a new episode of Down the Rabbit Hole. This time, we set our course for Wookieepedia instead of Wikipedia and our Star Wars panel of Geek Kay and Michael May tag along. Can we get from the page for Jessa Vandangante to Pilk Mukmuk in the span of our show? There's only one way to find out!

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