This week Jeeg and Pax return to a topic called Kill Me Now in which we talk about movies/TV shows we've been forced to watch by our family or significant others. Returning to the show to join us in this discussion are engineernerd John and bizarrojimmyolsen Evan.

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This week Jeeg takes CT and Pax back into the wacky world of infomercial and catalog products. Join the nerds as they use all their powers of deduction to determine if the others would buy gimmick coffee mugs, kitschy microwave cleaners, toilet decals, and more. As a bonus, the Nerd Lunch Captain America: Civil War mini-review is also included in this episode.

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This week Pax, CT and Jeeg are joined by good friend Robert Zerbe for a fun exercise we call Filmmaker Roulette.  First, we jump back in time one week to hear ourselves get assigned iconic movies like Forrest Gump and Splash and then be given brand new directors like Zack Snyder and Terry Gilliam.  Then we flash back to the present and we have to envision our movies with these new directors.  It's lots of fun, come check it out.

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The Nerd Lunch crew finally finishes construction on their multi-million dollar Danger Room project where they host icons of pop culture to be trained by podcast members and eventually fight. The Nerd Lunch crew welcome Rondal from Strange Kids Club to give the first test. And also admire Chachi in his tank tops.

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The Nerd Lunch Trio goes without a Fourth Chair guest this weekas they work out some issues amongst themselves. The long-boilingtensions have risen and they decide to finally hash out somearguments. Are you on #TeamCT, #TeamPax or #TeamJeeg when it comesto these classic nerd disagreements? Let us know in the commentsbelow or on social media!

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