This week on Nerd Lunch we are joined by Jason Gross from Rediscover the 80s and the Recurrent Events podcast.  Everyone is assigned a movie from someone else and we are tasked to create toys based on these movies.  Expect comedy, action and spy movies to appear starring such actors as Mel Gibson, Chris Farley and Sammo Hung.

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Doug Frye from Schlock Treatment joins us again in the Fourth Chair as we plumb the depths of Craigslist for crazy collections and flat out weird stuff. Listen to find out if Craigslist can produce any treasures to top the crown jewel of our first run at this topic, Bill the trampoline deliverer. This week's Nerd To Dos include Dragon Con, The Force Awakens, the Australian version of Rake, and a marathon (Hint: it's not Jeeg's to do).

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We return to the USS Sexy Armpit, but this time our replicators are fine. It's the Space TV we've been using that has a very long and unnecessary backstory for why we must now pick ten, and only ten, movies that we will be forced to watch over and over again until our derelict ship is rescued. The entire crew of the ship unites to make these decisions as Captain Jay and On Second Scoop's Dubba both guest. Find out which ten we choose by listening!

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Jeff Somogyi returns and we go down that rabbit hole again. This time we're ready for lawyer traps as we bring our friend Evan along, too. It's our first fan-submitted version of this show. Thanks to everyone who suggested starting and ending links. (Please note: No cast members from Star Trek: Voyager appear in this episode!)

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