This week we are joined by Engineernerd John Vanover to create some toys!  Each podcaster was assigned a movie or TV show and is tasked to come up with a full line of toys to support our assignment.  The assignments are split with two TV shows and two movies.  Who got what?  Listen to find out!

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Listen to CT, Jeeg and Pax give gifts!

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Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole. Carlin Trammel and Jeff Somogyi welcome guests Evan Hanson and Michael DiGiovanni (Classic Film Jerks Podcast) to dive into Wikipedia. This time, Jeff, Evan and Michael each came with a mystery link. Can any of them work the conversation from Wikipedia's "nutmeg" page to their link? Only one way to find out! Listen now!

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Nerd Lunch's holiday celebration begins this week as Michael DiGiovanni returns to the Fourth Chair to continue our Christmas tradition. This year we pay homage to holiday themed TV episodes. Rather than recounting our favorites, we create Christmas crossover events that we wish existed for specific TV lineups of years gone by. If you ever wanted to know how the shows of the 1985-86 NBC primetime lineup might spend the holidays together (and who didn't?), this is the episode for you. It's a fun discussion that wanders into the room full of crazy more than once along the way. Happy Holidays from all of us at Nerd Lunch!

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In this extra helping continued from our Ninja Day episode, we all start discussing the 80s ninja boom in America including such classic films like Revenge of the Ninja, American Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination.

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This week on Nerd Lunch we are celebrating that most holiest of days, Ninja Day! For this very special episode we are joined by Evan Hanson and first time guest Keith Rainville from to discuss the 1962 Japanese ninja classic, Shinobi-no-Mono.  Keith takes us through the movie and we have a pretty deep discussion on the impact of this classic and how it influenced movies for generations to come.

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Michael May and Andrew Bloom join Jeeg and CT to go back to their "Give That Guy Some Work" topic. This time, they're focusing in on folks who have passed away that should have gotten more work while they were alive. Grace Lee Whitney, Kevin Smith (the other one) and Don Knotts are among those we employ in the great casting couch in the sky.

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Welcome to the first episode of the "show within a show," Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole. Carlin Trammel, Jeff Somogyi and Paxton Holley welcome guest Corey Chapman (The Chap Report Podcast and formerly Under Scoop Fire and Mad Men Podcasts) to dive into Wikipedia. Can they get from Harvey (Play) to Charles Rocket? Or even more importantly, can they stretch it out so there's enough of a show? Dive in and listen!

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Pax jumps in to talk about the differences between the novelization and the movie for the second Indiana Jones sequel.  

The Nerd Lunch Indiana Jones panel reunites for the third installment in the franchise. They discuss the River Phoenix Indy origin story, the fact that plot is overshadowed by fun and how Sean Connery and Harrison Ford have great on-screen chemistry. If you download and listen, you chose wisely.

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The boys are out of Shawn's fridge and back in the studio this week. They get back into the swing of things after Episode 250 by fielding questions from listeners and the Fourth Chair Army. Garbage Pail Kids, celebrity encounters, Muppets, podcasting IRL, and Draculas are just part of the ground covered in this wide ranging discussion. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this time!

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This week Nerd Lunch is celebrating their 250th episode!  To mark this special occasion Shawn Robare and Jaime Hood have invited Pax, CT and Jeeg over to Branded HQ for dinner.  While touring the house, the fellas get trapped in Shawn Robare's Ecto Cooler Cooler and begin reminiscing about all of their favorite episodes of the podcast.

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Jeeg and Pax are joined by Jay from Sexy Armpit and Will from Casserole of Disaster to discuss Scary Movie Menus.  We are each assigned a scary movie and a restaurant and we have to come up with an appropriately themed menu.  Expect to hear Trick or Treat, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, White Castle and Shoneys.

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Since Pax did not have a chance to give his rebuttals to the regular Nerd Lunch Indy panel, he assembled an alternate panel for this special "B-Side Edition" of a Temple of Doom discussion. Joined by Rob Graham, John the Engineernerd, and new guest Brad (@FijiMermaid on Twitter), they counter and balance the discussion from episode 247 with more loving thoughts on this second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise.

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CT and Pax welcome Michael May and Stacey Rader to have a discussion about Wonder Woman in order to celebrate her 75th birthday. Talking through the first encounters with this monumental character to how the crew continued to follow her adventures. Favorite stories, villains, artists and more are covered, plus a look at the complexity of the character and why that's made her so challenging to translate into other media over the years. Put on your satin tights and listen now!

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Todd from JunkFed and Kay from Hyperspace Theories return to the Indiana Jones panel for a discussion on the second in the series, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Hear our thoughts on the prequel aspect of the movie, eyeball soup, and Willard Scott. And Todd gives us a two word answer for why all problems happen in our life.

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The nerds delve into the weird world of food mascot families with Fourth Chair guest Dubba from On Second Scoop and The Nosh Show. First up is a discussion of actual in-canon family members of mascots from burger chains, cereals, and baked goods. Then the crew creates families for some lonely food mascots that need them. From McDonaldland to the dairy department, it's a family reunion not to be missed.

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Continuing the Bourne discussion, Pax and CT talk about the newest Matt Damon-Paul Greengrass joint.

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CT, Jeeg and Pax are joined by Robert Zerbe to talk about the Jason Bourne movies.  We discuss the first three Damon ones and then we talk about the Jeremy Renner one.  And you'll also hear lots of Moby.  Like, LOTS.

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Due to what we thought was an error in recording, we wound up doing a take two on the Rabbit Hole episode. But it turned out we had the original recording. get the actual last time we're doing Down the Rabbit Hole on Nerd Lunch. Also, this is funnier if you've already listened to episode 244.

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CT and Pax welcome back Jeff Somogyi and invite new guest Mike Westfall on for our final "Down the Rabbit Hole." Wait...FINAL?! Yes, but fear not, this episode has a special announcement about plans for our rabbit holes. For this episode, the twist is that we have three links from good ol' Wikipedia. Can we get from one to another and work in the third in the middle? And a new rule for the game will bring greater challenges and fewer Channing Tatums. Also...stay tuned for an extra helping later in the week for our actual final Rabbit Hole episode as this particular show is a miracle episode.

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In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Nerd Lunch Podcast, CT and Pax visit Dragon Con in Atlanta. They are under the impression they are to be hosting a live Nerd Lunch panel as a means of celebrating five years, but things don't go how they expect. Along the way they meet Evan Hanson and Geek Kay. Celebrate five years of Nerd Lunch with this very special episode.

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Get in the ring with Jeeg and a wrestling roundtable featuring Jay Ryan, Charlton Hero, and Mike Downs. The fellas discuss their all time favorites in several obscure categories including pre-match attire, foreign objects, and wrestling video games. Almost all corners of the pro-wrestling world from 1980s WCW to present-day WWE to Japan are covered in this heavyweight episode. Grab your favorite steel chair, tear open a turnbuckle, and enjoy.

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The Nerd Lunch crew is taking a little hiatus but instead of leaving you without our fabulous voices for four weeks, we're dipping into the old archives and sharing some of our favorite shows with you again...or for the first time! After being kicked off with new bonus content, we present to you the time we build a Christmas special. Enjoy!


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The Nerd Lunch crew is taking a little hiatus but instead of leaving you without our fabulous voices for four weeks, we're dipping into the old archives and sharing some of our favorite shows with you again...or for the first time! After being kicked off with new bonus content, we present to you the time we did a drill down on Ninja III: The Domination. Enjoy!

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