May and Kay join Pax in a discussion about the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  Expect us to discuss mostly the books but there is some discussion on the comics.  We discuss our first entry into the books, some of our favorite books, some of our favorite characters and we break down some recommendations for Star Wars book newbies.

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Continuing our holiday tradition, Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks joins us to ring in the holiday season. On the docket this year is a quest to assemble the ultimate Hallmark Channel or ABC Family quality Christmas romance movie. We don't quite get there, but we do pitch four excellent examples of the genre and empty IMDB's reservoir of 90s D-list celebrities in a stunt casting exercise you won't want to miss.


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CT and Jeeg welcome back Rob Graham and the podcasters do a Drill Down on oft-overlooked Star Trek series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They talk about the legacy of Captain Sisko, the other main characters, the Dominion War, the station itself, the Defiant, favorite episodes and of course, Garak. This one is for all the Niners out there.

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Returning after a long absence from our show is both guest Sue London and the "franchise topic" of Give That Guy Some Work (see episodes 5, 44 and 86 for previous installments). We discuss some actors and actresses that we haven't seen on our screens in awhile and discuss ideas for roles we'd like to see them take on. Nerd To Dos include some video gaming, Jessica Jones, and the new brand for our friends at UnderScoopFire. Also, our new theme song debuts on this episode!

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We once again celebrate the Day of the Ninja. This time Jeeg and Pax give a spin to the Wachowskis styled modern classic, Ninja Assassin. This movie has it all:  katanas, ultraviolent action, a Korean pop star, fusillades of shurikens, a connection to the britcom Coupling, and Sho Kosugi. Of course we love it. Stick around for Nerd To Dos that include the unique pairing of James Bond and Aquaman.

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