This week we are again joined by Michael May and Kay to discuss the final installment in the Star Wars prequels, Revenge of the Sith.  We discuss watching it for the first time, what we liked, what we didn't like, we even have a short discussion on the Clone Wars micro series that debuted before the movie.  Lots of fun discussion had within!

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Episode 205 - UnderScoopFire joins us for My Celebrity Posse

Nerd To-Do is done! CT, Jeeg and Pax join forces with UnderScoopFire's Corey, eclectik, and Tank to create the greatest crossover since Thomas Magnum met up with Rick and A.J. Simon. On the Nerd Lunch side of the equation, the sextet discuss celebrities they would want to encounter in various everyday and not-so-everyday situations. Be sure to check out episode 147 of the UnderScoopFire podcast to hear the Nerd Lunchers join the USFers for a discussion about finales. This is podcast history in the making!

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Making good on the claim to create a new podcast together, our guests from episode 204, Andrew Bloom (Classic Film Jerks) and Jeff Somogyi (Your Weird), join forces to create a new podcast...AWKWARD SILENCE! They live up to half of that description while talking about karaoke, what things are better when shirtless and a little bit of genealogy to boot. Also, apologies in advance to anyone named Glintor.

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Episode 204 - Down the Rabbit Hole 2

Do you ever go to Wikipedia looking for information on one thing but find yourself 20 minutes later having visited 20 other pages? Well, that's what we do on this episode of Nerd Lunch. Pax and CT are joined by Andrew Bloom from Classic Film Jerks and Jeff Somogyi of and the Your Weird Podcast and once again we play a game of "Down the Rabbit Hole." Can we get from the page for RadioShack to the page for London After Midnight (film) within the show? There's only one way to find out...listen now!

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This week its finally time for Nerd Breakfast. We return to our version of sportsball drafting, but this time for fast food breakfast items. Rounding out the panel are the previous draft champion (just ask him), Dubba from On Second Scoop, and Nick from Dude Foods. Along the way we discover perhaps the longest fast food item name in history, debate which items can be eaten with a spoon, categorize the types of baked good plunderers in the office, and discuss the relative merits of quinoa.

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