The Nerds are again joined by May and Kay to drilldown on the second Star Wars prequel movie, Attack of the Clones.  We discuss our first time watching the movie, we scrounge deep down into our souls to discuss the things we liked about the movie and then we discuss things we had issues with, which may not be some of the things you're expecting.  

Come check it out, along with our insightful commentary you'll hear lots of audio issues, several of us have problems remembering words and CT confesses his hatred for 50s diners.  All in this week's action packed episode!


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Pax and CT welcome back Evan for a fun, creative exercise in modernizing some of the wacky characters from the Golden Age of comics. Amazing-Man, the Vagabond, and Fantomah all receive updates to transform them into characters for 2015 and beyond. Nerd To-Dos feature Star Wars reading, the Flash on Blu-ray and the upcoming Nerd Lunch rebrand.

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The Nerd Lunch Crew are visited by the Cult Film Club crew to talk about the newest installment in the Mad Max franchise, Fury Road.  We gush love all over the movie for an hour and a half.  Come follow us and ride eternal, and enter Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.  WITNESS ME!!!

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Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks and Classic Film Jerks returns for a second look at Film and TV tropes. We did this before on episode 142 and there are so many, we have to do it again. How tropey. Sewers, murder-solvers, funerals, and insane people are among the topics discussed. Nerd To-Dos feature Supernatural, Person of Interest and an update on Lorenzo Lamas.

This episode also marks the fourth anniversary since the debut of the Nerd Lunch Podcast.

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The Nerds are once again joined by Michael May and Kay to discuss the Star Wars prequels, starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  We talk about the first trailer in Nov 1998, the build up to the movie in May 1999, we talk about Celebration I in Denver and then we start digging into what we liked and didn't like.  Lots of talk about Jake Lloyd, George Lucas' writing and of course, Jar Jar Binks.  

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