Kirk Howle and William Bruce West guest on this episode where we jump out of "internet group think" and make a case for why some characters, actors and movies get a bad rap. Hear us defend the Spice Girls, John Doggett, the Keanu Reeves Constantine movie, and Star Trek: Enterprise...just to name a few.

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We've tried the 2015 Lays Do Us a Flavor chips so it's time to talk about them.

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Jeff from Your Weird guests in the Fourth Chair and we return to an old topic of ours, the Listbuster. This time we target Screen Rant's 10 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time and decide if we feel the list is good or needs busting (hint: it mostly needs some busting). Then we come up with some alternatives of our own to add to the list. Nerd To-Dos feature some talk about the Lay's Do Us a Flavor 2015 set and serves as a prequel to an Extra Helping later this week.

Shows discussed: The Wire, The Simpsons, Sopranos, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Saturday Night Live, I Love Lucy, The X-Files, Seinfeld, LOST, and Law & Order.

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The nerds return to the Movie Menus franchise topic this week with Eric Huang from Junk Food Guy and The Nosh Show. Inspired by Denny's latest go around with the Fantastic Four menu, each podcaster must come up with a themed menu using a movie and a restaurant chosen by other members of the panel. Our Nerd To Dos this week feature Ant Man, Agents of Shield, Rogue Nation, and supporting Fourth Chair Army member Rondal Scott's Strange Kids Club Kickstarter.

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This week the Nerds welcome back Jay from Sexy Armpit.  They are returning to franchise topic Real Life Scenarios in which we have to pick a real life person to exist in a pop culture scenario from movies or TV.  In Nerd To Dos we talk about Halloween, THX-1138, Ernest Cline's new book and we get another LorenzoWatch 2014 update.

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