May and Kay join Pax in a discussion about the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  Expect us to discuss mostly the books but there is some discussion on the comics.  We discuss our first entry into the books, some of our favorite books, some of our favorite characters and we break down some recommendations for Star Wars book newbies.

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Continuing our holiday tradition, Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks joins us to ring in the holiday season. On the docket this year is a quest to assemble the ultimate Hallmark Channel or ABC Family quality Christmas romance movie. We don't quite get there, but we do pitch four excellent examples of the genre and empty IMDB's reservoir of 90s D-list celebrities in a stunt casting exercise you won't want to miss.


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CT and Jeeg welcome back Rob Graham and the podcasters do a Drill Down on oft-overlooked Star Trek series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They talk about the legacy of Captain Sisko, the other main characters, the Dominion War, the station itself, the Defiant, favorite episodes and of course, Garak. This one is for all the Niners out there.

Direct download: NerdLunch_209_Star-Trek-Deep-Space-Nine.mp3
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Returning after a long absence from our show is both guest Sue London and the "franchise topic" of Give That Guy Some Work (see episodes 5, 44 and 86 for previous installments). We discuss some actors and actresses that we haven't seen on our screens in awhile and discuss ideas for roles we'd like to see them take on. Nerd To Dos include some video gaming, Jessica Jones, and the new brand for our friends at UnderScoopFire. Also, our new theme song debuts on this episode!

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We once again celebrate the Day of the Ninja. This time Jeeg and Pax give a spin to the Wachowskis styled modern classic, Ninja Assassin. This movie has it all:  katanas, ultraviolent action, a Korean pop star, fusillades of shurikens, a connection to the britcom Coupling, and Sho Kosugi. Of course we love it. Stick around for Nerd To Dos that include the unique pairing of James Bond and Aquaman.

Direct download: NerdLunch_207_NinjaAssassin.mp3
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This week we are again joined by Michael May and Kay to discuss the final installment in the Star Wars prequels, Revenge of the Sith.  We discuss watching it for the first time, what we liked, what we didn't like, we even have a short discussion on the Clone Wars micro series that debuted before the movie.  Lots of fun discussion had within!

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Episode 205 - UnderScoopFire joins us for My Celebrity Posse

Nerd To-Do is done! CT, Jeeg and Pax join forces with UnderScoopFire's Corey, eclectik, and Tank to create the greatest crossover since Thomas Magnum met up with Rick and A.J. Simon. On the Nerd Lunch side of the equation, the sextet discuss celebrities they would want to encounter in various everyday and not-so-everyday situations. Be sure to check out episode 147 of the UnderScoopFire podcast to hear the Nerd Lunchers join the USFers for a discussion about finales. This is podcast history in the making!

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Making good on the claim to create a new podcast together, our guests from episode 204, Andrew Bloom (Classic Film Jerks) and Jeff Somogyi (Your Weird), join forces to create a new podcast...AWKWARD SILENCE! They live up to half of that description while talking about karaoke, what things are better when shirtless and a little bit of genealogy to boot. Also, apologies in advance to anyone named Glintor.

Direct download: Awkward-Silence-001.mp3
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Episode 204 - Down the Rabbit Hole 2

Do you ever go to Wikipedia looking for information on one thing but find yourself 20 minutes later having visited 20 other pages? Well, that's what we do on this episode of Nerd Lunch. Pax and CT are joined by Andrew Bloom from Classic Film Jerks and Jeff Somogyi of and the Your Weird Podcast and once again we play a game of "Down the Rabbit Hole." Can we get from the page for RadioShack to the page for London After Midnight (film) within the show? There's only one way to find out...listen now!

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This week its finally time for Nerd Breakfast. We return to our version of sportsball drafting, but this time for fast food breakfast items. Rounding out the panel are the previous draft champion (just ask him), Dubba from On Second Scoop, and Nick from Dude Foods. Along the way we discover perhaps the longest fast food item name in history, debate which items can be eaten with a spoon, categorize the types of baked good plunderers in the office, and discuss the relative merits of quinoa.

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This year Pax and Jeeg are joined again by Jay and Matt from the Purple Stuff Podcast to celebrate the 2015 Halloween season.  For this episode we all watched two of Rankin-Bass' Halloween Specials.  First we discuss Jack-O-Lantern from 1972 and then we talk about the Mad Monster Party movie from 1967.

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In this edition of Drinking with Wrestlers, Mike Downs recounts a tale of drinking with Kevin Nash at a hotel bar in Chicago during the height of the Monday Night Wars.

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Rasslin' talk takes over Nerd Lunch once again as Jeeg, Mike Downs from the Atomic Geeks, Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ, and RD Reynolds of WrestleCrap fame come together to wax poetic about the 1990s battle for pro-wrestling (and cable TV) dominance between WCW and WWF/WWE. One episode is not enough to tackle the topic, but the crew hits the highs, lows, and aftermath of this golden age of wrestling. Enjoy and let us know your favorite moments of The Monday Night Wars!

Direct download: NerdLunch_201_MondayNightWars.mp3
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They said it shouldn't be done, but we did it anyway. With just over four years behind us, the Nerd Lunch crew hit a milestone episode number of 200 shows. With no idea what to do, we were rescued by Fourth Chair Army generals Jay from The Sexy Armpit and Shawn from Branded in the 80s and they put together a special "Roast & Toast" of CT, Pax and Jeeg. You don't want to miss this one as it is chock full of questions, memories and special guests:

Plus hear from:

Special thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who has joined us in the Fourth Chair over the years. Also, thanks to all of our listeners. We hope you enjoy this monumental episode. We'll be back with more next week.

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So we had plans for a really great show where guest Aaron Nix would return after a long absence. The topic we had planned was great and would have been the greatest show ever. But computer problems and the like kept Aaron from joining us. Instead, we present you with this conversation that occurred between the Nerd Lunchers while waiting to start the show.

Direct download: NerdLunch_199_Before-the-Show.mp3
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The Nerds are again joined by May and Kay to drilldown on the second Star Wars prequel movie, Attack of the Clones.  We discuss our first time watching the movie, we scrounge deep down into our souls to discuss the things we liked about the movie and then we discuss things we had issues with, which may not be some of the things you're expecting.  

Come check it out, along with our insightful commentary you'll hear lots of audio issues, several of us have problems remembering words and CT confesses his hatred for 50s diners.  All in this week's action packed episode!


Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_198_-_Star_Wars_Episode_II_Drilldown.mp3
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Pax and CT welcome back Evan for a fun, creative exercise in modernizing some of the wacky characters from the Golden Age of comics. Amazing-Man, the Vagabond, and Fantomah all receive updates to transform them into characters for 2015 and beyond. Nerd To-Dos feature Star Wars reading, the Flash on Blu-ray and the upcoming Nerd Lunch rebrand.

Direct download: NerdLunch_197_Modernize-Golden-Age-Characters.mp3
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The Nerd Lunch Crew are visited by the Cult Film Club crew to talk about the newest installment in the Mad Max franchise, Fury Road.  We gush love all over the movie for an hour and a half.  Come follow us and ride eternal, and enter Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.  WITNESS ME!!!

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_196_-_Mad_Max_Fury_Road_Drilldown.mp3
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Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks and Classic Film Jerks returns for a second look at Film and TV tropes. We did this before on episode 142 and there are so many, we have to do it again. How tropey. Sewers, murder-solvers, funerals, and insane people are among the topics discussed. Nerd To-Dos feature Supernatural, Person of Interest and an update on Lorenzo Lamas.

This episode also marks the fourth anniversary since the debut of the Nerd Lunch Podcast.

Direct download: NerdLunch_195_Film-TV-Tropes-2.mp3
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The Nerds are once again joined by Michael May and Kay to discuss the Star Wars prequels, starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  We talk about the first trailer in Nov 1998, the build up to the movie in May 1999, we talk about Celebration I in Denver and then we start digging into what we liked and didn't like.  Lots of talk about Jake Lloyd, George Lucas' writing and of course, Jar Jar Binks.  

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_194_-_Star_Wars_Episode_I_Drilldown.mp3
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Kirk Howle and William Bruce West guest on this episode where we jump out of "internet group think" and make a case for why some characters, actors and movies get a bad rap. Hear us defend the Spice Girls, John Doggett, the Keanu Reeves Constantine movie, and Star Trek: Enterprise...just to name a few.

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We've tried the 2015 Lays Do Us a Flavor chips so it's time to talk about them.

Direct download: NerdLunch_192b_Lays-Do-Us-a-Flavor-2015.mp3
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Jeff from Your Weird guests in the Fourth Chair and we return to an old topic of ours, the Listbuster. This time we target Screen Rant's 10 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time and decide if we feel the list is good or needs busting (hint: it mostly needs some busting). Then we come up with some alternatives of our own to add to the list. Nerd To-Dos feature some talk about the Lay's Do Us a Flavor 2015 set and serves as a prequel to an Extra Helping later this week.

Shows discussed: The Wire, The Simpsons, Sopranos, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Saturday Night Live, I Love Lucy, The X-Files, Seinfeld, LOST, and Law & Order.

Direct download: NerdLunch_192_Listbuster-2-1-Influential-TV-Shows.mp3
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The nerds return to the Movie Menus franchise topic this week with Eric Huang from Junk Food Guy and The Nosh Show. Inspired by Denny's latest go around with the Fantastic Four menu, each podcaster must come up with a themed menu using a movie and a restaurant chosen by other members of the panel. Our Nerd To Dos this week feature Ant Man, Agents of Shield, Rogue Nation, and supporting Fourth Chair Army member Rondal Scott's Strange Kids Club Kickstarter.

Direct download: NerdLunch_191_MovieMenus4.mp3
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This week the Nerds welcome back Jay from Sexy Armpit.  They are returning to franchise topic Real Life Scenarios in which we have to pick a real life person to exist in a pop culture scenario from movies or TV.  In Nerd To Dos we talk about Halloween, THX-1138, Ernest Cline's new book and we get another LorenzoWatch 2014 update.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_190_-_Revenge_of_Real_Life_Scenarios.mp3
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