Tim Lybarger and Jaime Hood join Pax and Jeeg for an episode that is truly party fun for all ages. Yes, it’s our long anticipated discussion of the classic 8-bit Nintendo.  We share memories of first getting our hands on the NES, our favorite and worst games, and the weird and wonderful world of NES accessories.  Our Nerd To Dos include more of The Shining, the Hardy Boys novels, a vintage vinyl collection, and one blockbuster #LorenzoWatch2014 update.

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CT and Pax are joined by frequent guest Robert Zerbe to discuss the first three X-Men movies from 2000, 2003 and 2006.  We discuss our history with the movies, what characters we liked and which ones we didn't.  We discuss our favorite scenes, least favorite scenes, what worked and what didn't.  And we start it all off by ranking the movies from favorite to least favorite.

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Inspired by fourth chair carryover question from Rob Graham, we invite Rob back on the show to talk about movie scores. After getting some awkwardness out of the way, the podcasters talk about their favorite action, horror, drama, comedy, animation and sci-fi movie scores and composers. Nerd To-Dos feature Horns, Interstellar and The Shining. Plus, the power of the Lorenzo Watch 2014 is revealed!

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Episode 153 - Setting the Table on Star Wars

Despite having delved into Star Wars topics during the previous three years on the show, the Nerd Lunch crew have never really "set the table" on Star Wars as a whole. CT and Pax welcome back returning guest Michael May and new guest Kay (from FANgirl Blog and Hyperspace Theories) to do just that. We talk about our favorite and least favorites of the movies, characters, ships, aliens and more. Nerd To-Dos this week features Snowpiercer, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Halloween wrap up.

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