In this episode of Nerd Lunch, the Lunchers welcome first time guest Nick from On Second Scoop. It's uncertain if Dubba let Nick out of his ice cream cage or if Nick snuck out, either way, it's a good time as the crew comes up with fictional foods based on pop culture properties. TMNT, Lizzie McGuire, Kool-Aid, Twizzlers, and more are all discussed. Nerd To-Dos feature Image Comics, Muppets Most Wanted and another installment of "Lorenzo Watch 2014."

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CT and Pax are joined by Shawn Robare to discuss the new Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  We discuss our history with the property, what we thought of the movie and if there was anything we didn't like about the movie.  And we talk about Howard the Duck.

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Pax and Jeeg are joined by Carlin from the Pod James Pod Podcast and Jay from Sexy Armpit for a nerdy discussion I like to call Poor Man's Podcast.  We all discuss the phrase 'X is a poor man's Y' where we fill in X and Y with our own ideas.  We also take turns assigning another member of the podcast part of the poor man's equation.  It's a lot of fun plus you have to listen to Jay's special Nerd Lunch intro.  

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This week we're joined by the cohost of the Classic Film Jerks podcast, former Atomic Geek and multiple time Fourth Chair guest, Andrew Bloom. On the docket is an exploration of the special kind of crazy that is best found on the classified site Craigslist. We track down some interesting nerdy collections and posts that are just plain bizarre. Obscure comic books? Collections of VHS tapes? The Fun TV? Junk food promotion items? We've got it all covered. Our Nerd To Dos feature the 2014 Lays Do Us a Flavor contest, Snowpiercer, Guardians of the Galaxy, and another #LorenzoWatch2014 update.

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This week on the podcast, CT and Jeeg welcome back to the show, Howie Decker from After checking in with Howie about how he's been, the trio discuss some of their favorite "man crushes." They look at current men, older men, dead men and cartoon men. You'll find out more than you'd ever care to know about the Nerd Lunch Podcast team this week. Nerd To-Dos includes talk about Nicholas Meyer, Do Us a Flavor and Game of Thrones.

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CT took the opportunity to reconnect with an old colleague of his from the days he interned at Marvel, Dan Cooney. Dan is the writer and illustrator of Valentine, wrote Atomic Yeti and he teaches art at the Academy of Art University. In this episode, hear about his thoughts on how SDCC has changed, his experiences at this year's SDCC, his projects and what he's got coming up in the future.

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