The Fourth Chair is crowded this week as returning guest Dubba from episode 96 brings with him three of his friends. The ENTIRE crew from The Nosh Show joins us and we do a Fast Food Draft. The rules were simple, we each had to pick a burger/beef entree, chicken entree, side item, drink (something you can suck through a straw) and a wild card item from the QSR top 20 list of fast food and quick service restaurants. There was drama and intrigue and by the end we were all very hungry.

You can also hear the entire crew of Nerd Lunch on episode 32 of The Nosh Show.

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This week on the show, Nerd Lunch is down a Pax, but the Fourth Chair is occupied with Classick Materia from the Cold Slither Empire. In celebration of Jack Bauer's comeback as well as the comeback of the Cold Slither Podcast, CT, Jeeg and Classick have a discussion on some of the best and worst comebacks. And they craft a few of their own.

Be sure to check out CT on a recent episode of the Cold Slither-produced Anutha Twenny Fo podcast.

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The podcast welcomes its second guest from The Improvised Star Trek, Sean Kelley. Inspired by Sean's blog, the podcasters take you through a journey of current nerd social issues and pontificate on ways to be a better nerd. Addressed in the discussions are treating geek girls with respect, internet hate, and nerd pride. Nerd To-Dos feature lots of television watching including Veronica Mars, 24, Orphan Black and Arrow.

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This year Batman turns 75 years old.  So, like we did for episode 90 in which we talked about Superman on his 75th birthday, we spend this episode talking all about Batman.  And joining us for this celebration is Jay from Sexy Armpit and Michael May from Michael May's Adventureblog and the comic Kill All Monsters!  We discuss Batman across all media, starting with comics and moving to movies and then TV.  We cover so much ground that this episode clocks in over 2 hours! So enjoy all the awesome Batman talk. So much content within that I have to say just download and dig in.

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