The ringleader of the Strange Kids Club, Rondal Scott, joins us once again in the 4th Chair this week. With Rondal on board we return to the topic in Episode 87 and create more Ultimate Triple Features. We solve plenty of cinematic quandaries while assembling trilogies around given themes, but perhaps no one greater than what does one pair with Howard the Duck. This week's Nerd To Dos feature sword and sorcery novels, the Beastmaster and Barbarella, 24, and Godzilla.

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The nerds are joined this week by another TAG Network member, Evan, co-host of the Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes podcasts.  Evan is here to help us discuss the works and legacy of one Alan Moore.  We talk about our favorite books.  We talk about our least favorite books.  We talk about Moore's attitude toward adaptations of his work and we even discuss Mr Moore's legacy in the history of comics.  It's a good roundtable on one of the more recognizeable creators in comics.  

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Mistakes were made. A lot of mistakes. And a new one is being made right now by this being posted. Let's just leave it at that.

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Come and knock on our door, we got streaks on the China and what would we do baby without us? The Nerd Lunch Podcast welcomes back William Bruce West and we have what we're calling the "First Favorite TV Show Theme Songs" discussion. The crew chats about some of their favorite cartoon, sitcom, action, and drama theme songs. With sample clips, this might be our most copyright infringiest show yet! Also, we do something we rarely do and talk current events by following up on recent late night talk show news and Star Wars news. Nerd To-Dos include a double dose of murder mystery games and a double dose of Fringe.

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