This week on the show, we have two returning guests, Sue London and Doug Frye and we return to a topic we delved into before back on episode 56 where we turned movies into television shows. Each Nerd chose a movie and gave it a TV show spin along with a new cast and ideas for future story lines. Wrestling! Aliens! Shadow creatures! Wacky adventures! They're all a part of this exciting episode of Nerd Lunch.

This episode features talk about Groundhog Day so we have retroactively dedicated it to Harold Ramis. Also, please note that some of the audio in this is not quite up to our desired quality. Apologies in advance for that. See Pax for a refund if you're unhappy.

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This week we are joined by Jaime Hood from the Cult Film Club podcast to talk all about board games.  We talk about some of our favorites, we talk about our least favorites.  We talk about games we wish we had and we have a lengthy discussion about board games based on movies and TV shows.  Nerd to Dos involve Downton Abbey, nerd lairs and Grandmasters.

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Jeeg, Pax, and CT welcome Tim Lybarger back to the 4th Chair for a long anticipated discussion about TV game shows. We run through some of our all time favorites, hypothesize a bit about the state and future of game shows, and then Jeeg subjects the nerds (and you the listener) to a round of Nerd Jeopardy. This week's Nerd To-Dos include a TV trifecta of The Wire, Silver Spoons, and Downton Abbey.

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This week on the show, the regular podcasting crew is joined by one of the founding fathers of Nerd Lunch...PLee! After catching up with PLee about some music projects he has in the hopper, the Nerds discuss what they would be like in various alternate realities? Who is Jeeg in Star Trek's Mirror Universe? How is Pax's life affected in the alternate, Biff-dominated timeline in Back to the Future part II? And what does the Earth-2 CT do for a living? All this and a ton more!

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