For a special holiday treat, the nerds get together to discuss the UK's hottest import, Downton Abbey, ahead of its season 4 premiere in the US. Yes, 50 minutes of middle aged nerds talking about a soap opera. Join us to be swept away by the drama, romance, and our inability to keep all the plotlines straight. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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The Nerd Lunch Podcasting crew are once again joined by Jasmin Fine of Together, the foursome delves into crafting more movie-themed menus for national restaurant chains much like Denny's has done for The Hobbit. As before, movie assigments and restaurants were assigned at random so the kitchens start to get messy and pants start coming off. Nerd To-Dos include checking out Beyond the Rails, a book written by friend of Nerd Lunch, Jack Tyler.

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It's the holidays so the Nerd Lunch crew decide to spend this episode with members of the family...The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network family. CT, Jeeg and Pax team up with DiGio, Christian and Downs from The Atomic Geeks for this special Christmas episode. In it, they give each other the Secret Santa gift of a Gunpoint Review. Each podcast team must watch and review a Christmas movie assigned to them. The Atomic Geeks report on 1960's (or is it 1959's) Mexican-produced Santa Claus while the Nerd Lunchers report on 1964's cult classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Be sure to check out the special closing song on this episode, "12 Days of Geekmas" by Andrew Bloom.

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The guys return to a topic they haven't done since Episode 4; Guilty Displeasures.  And they do it in a three way dance.  Things the fellas feel they should enjoy but don't include Mt Dew flavor extensions, zombies, comic books, Agents of SHIELD and peppermint.  Lots to reveal and discuss.  

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