CT recently had the opportunity to review Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens. As a creative type and a fan of Jim Henson's Muppets, the book spoke volumes to him and he had to take the chance to speak with Liz a bit more about this creation. This book is available on Kindle Serial and is highly recommended to anyone with creative passions, fans of Jim Henson, and especially anyone fitting both criteria. The book goes through ten lessons and gives great depth and insight into the mind of Henson and how he was able to live his life of pursuing art and make money at the same time. This discussion with Stevens for this extra helping goes into depth about the book, how she came to decide to write it, and how it can help you.

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Episode 101 - Plaid Stallions and Rack Toys

It's the triumphant return of the Nerd Lunch Podcast after their post-episode 100 hiatus. Jeeg, Pax and CT welcome their 50th guest to sit in the Fourth Chair on the show. Brian Heiler of PlaidStallions.com and the Pod Stallions Podcast joins them to discuss his origin story along with the myriad projects he's involved with. Inspired by his book Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings, the crew invent their own ideas for rack toys they would love to see produced. Post-hiatus Nerd To-Dos feature Downton Abbey, Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fringe, and The Wire.

Next week, the crew returns with their first theme month. Come back for Brucetober, shows all built around actor Bruce Campbell.

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In this extra special helping of Nerd Lunch, Pax celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Run-DMC's fourth album, Tougher than Leather.  For this episode Pax is joined by show regulars Tim Lybarger and Matt Ringler.  We all discuss our history with rap and Run-DMC, we talk about our favorite albums and songs and we even discuss the forgotten Tougher than Leather movie.

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