This week's episode returns us to the starship from our ninth episode. Our food replicators are still broken, but on the plus side we've managed to find some aliens who can add the recipes for 5 condiments to our replicator. We've also encountered the roguish freighter captain Dubba from and The Nosh Show. After learning a bit about Dubba's ice cream expertise, we set out to reach consensus on the sauces, spreads, and dressings we'll take for the remainder of our journey. Unfortunately for us, consensus is about as easy to find a cloaked Romulan Warbird. In our Nerd To-Dos we hear about cell phone upgrades, hatred for Farscape, catching up on Dr. Who crossovers, and basking in the glow of Game of Thrones.

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During the 2013 Summer Crossover, Nerd Lunch and The Atomic Geeks switched casts. With The Atomic Geeks podcast now defunct, we have this gem available for you. CT, Jeeg and Pax took over the show and did Gunpoint Reviews.

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Episode 95 - TAG Crossover

It's a very special episode of Nerd Lunch! This week on the show, CT, Jeeg and Pax take off for the Great White North and are replaced by The Atomic Geeks. Michael DiGiovanni (aka MD), Christian Nielsen and Mike Downs take over Nerd Lunch and welcome Fourth Chair Ryan Hewson from The Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast. The four of them do their take on the Fan Fic Reviews franchise topic (previously done in episodes 18 and 62). Stories from covered include Knight Rider meets The Incredible Hulk, Police Academy, Good Omens, and Buffy meets Kill Bill. Nerd To-Dos include new podcasts and blogs and networking appliances.

And be sure to check out CT, Jeeg and Pax on this week's episode of The Atomic Geeks where they do their take on Gunpoint Reviews!

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This week on the Nerd Lunch Podcast, we do something we've never done before--EAT LUNCH! CT and Pax got together in person and were fortunate enough to have regular Fourth Chair guests Shawn Robare and Robert Zerbe join them as well. We talk a bit about the Fake Geek Girls thing and then launch into how our summers are going so far and just chat. We eat, drink and are merry while sitting at 4Rivers Smokehouse in Jacksonville, FL. Warning! There is a ton of ambient noise so bear with us on this episode.

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This week, Jeeg, CT and Pax are joined by Brian from Cool and Collected.  This episode, CT removes the famous Pop Culture Eraser from "the vault" and we each get to erase from existence 1 thing and 1 person.  We get some controversial results from the group as we discuss the future ramifications of erasing things like Jay Leno and The Next Karate Kid from our pop culture landscape.  Lots of Nerdy goings on in the To Dos including TV show and movie watching.

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This week on the podcast, Pax and CT welcome two guests once again and find that they've invented the next "peanut butter and chocolate" with returning guests Tim Lybarger and Matt Ringler. After discovering one of the guests is short on originality, CT asks everyone to channel that unoriginality into a reboot challenge. The podcasters then each pick a beloved (and some not so beloved) property and update it for modern audiences. Moving, Burn Notice, and more in the Nerd To-Dos.

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