We welcome Jeremy from Geek Chunks back to the fourth chair this week to put together our ultimate triple features around specific themes. What 3 Schwarzenegger joints, alien invasion movies, or facial hair flicks will make our lists? Indeed, inquiring minds (or maybe just Jeeg) do want to know.  In our Nerd To-Dos, we hear about losing the fire for The Walking Dead comic, unpacking old treasures from the garage, and home screenings of The Hobbit and ParaNorman.

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This week on the show, Pax, Jeeg and CT are joined by improv actor Matt Young to chat at great length about his role as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter on the Improvised Star Trek Podcast. After the Nerd Lunchers get the scoop on the process, history, and Sixpence None the Honor's HIchop! (aka Klingon version of Kiss Me), the podcasters move into another installment of "Give That Guy Some Work." British actors abound this time as the crew comes up with a brand new show you won't be seeing on your TV anytime soon. Nerd To-Dos this week feature Horns by Joe Hill, My Life in Stripes, Fringe, and Arrested Development.

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CT, Jeeg and Pax each made a trip to their local theater and got a chance to see that swanky new Iron Man movie that the kids are talking about these days. Since all three of the Nerds can answer "yes" to the question, "have you seen the latest billion dollar maker?" they decided to spend a few minutes talking about this movie. Fear not fans of disagreement, while most of the comments are positive, there are a few points where the Nerds did not see eye-to-eye. They talk about everything from how Robert Downey, Jr. did in the role again to where they think this franchise is heading. Avengers! Guy Pearce! Armor! Download and listen!

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Rondal Scott returns to our fourth chair this week to mull over what to do if we actually had time machines.  We discuss a variety of self serving time travel activities:  which model time machine would we choose, what movie premieres we’d go back to see, what long lost fast food items we’d want to try, classic toys to pick up, changes we'd make in our personal lives, and it wouldn't be a complete episode without talk of killing Hitler. Our Nerd To-Dos feature the Seduction of the Innocent, The Dark Knight Rises, the 1930s version of King Kong, and birthday related plans to see Iron Man 3.

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This week's Nerd To-Dos encompass the entire episode. It's a three way dance as Pax, Jeeg, and CT set out their overall to-do lists for this summer. We start off discussing the summer blockbusters we plan to hit in the theater, which will have to wait for Blu-ray, and which aren't of interest at all. We then move on the TV shows we hope to catch up on over the summer. Finally we wrap up the show with other media we're looking forward to, planned nerd outings, and home projects.

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