Episode 74 - Nerd Lunch Party

Jeeg makes his much anticipated return (whatever) to the show to talk party food with CT and guest Jasmin Fine from 1FineCookie.com. After getting the 411 on 1 Fine Cookie and debunking the rumor that Jasmin is related to Fran Drescher, we put together a nerd party with themed versions of our favorite appetizers / finger foods. And really what would a party be without snacks based on The Walking Dead, Mork & Mindy, or Buffy? This week's Nerd To-Dos feature a nerd's quest to live without a TV, Pie Day celebration plans, and the BBC show Ashes to Ashes

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Cap'n CT and first mate Paxton Holley are joined by Long Jay Silver from the Sexy Armpit and the Dread Pirate Robert from To The Escpae Hatch to talk about the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They swab the deck on the cast, story, effects, what was good and where things went wrong. In the Nerd To Dos, the long lost treasure of Jumpin' Jack Doritos has finally been found. Also, what is the demand on a Twitter handle named "zerbert"?

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Once again, Jeegless, this week Pax and CT are joined by Tim Lybarger of the Neighborhood Archive.  Tim is here to discuss live-action kids' TV shows.  We discuss our favorites and our not-so favorites.  Some of the shows discussed include Sesame Street, Electric Company, Mr Rogers, Reading Rainbow, 3-2-1 Contact and many, many more.  Nerd to Dos include Eerie Indiana, Red Dwarf, The Hobbit, Ted and Ghost Writer.

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The Nerd Lunchers return to their own take on an Atomic Geek franchise topic. Once again re-doing a TV show, they pick the oft-maligned Star Trek: Voyager. Joined by Twitter pal of Jeri Ryan, Rob Graham, the premise, cast, writers, and designs get torn apart and put back together again in a much more satisfying way. In the Nerd To-Dos, more discussion of Star Trek takes place as well as the elusive Jumpin' Jack Doritos.

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