Michael May from Michael May's Adventure Blog joins us for a discussion of non-Super Hero Comic Books.  We talk about some of our favorites, why they are our favorites, what ones we read and what ones we think suck.  Nerd to Dos involve two separate Star Trek TV shows, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond and The Bionic Woman.

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It's a very special episode on this week's Nerd Lunch Podcast. While Pax and Jeeg both are off fighting bears and building robots respectively, CT is joined by Jay from The Sexy Armpit and together they host a chat with UK comic book artist Des Taylor. Des, known for his simplistic and retro-style of illustration, is the creator behind self-published titles The Vesha Valentine Story and The Trouble with Katie Rogers. He has also had several pieces of his super hero art go viral on sites like GeekTyrant.com, io9.com, BleedingCool.com and our friends at the Retroist. In the show, Des talks about his history, upcoming projects, his thoughts on the New 52 and who he'd want to force choke.

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For this episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast we are joined by another member of the Schlock Treatment podcast, Kirk Howle.  We are also joined by 4th chair regular Shawn Robare since Jeeg is called away on assignment to do the thing he does best. This week we talk about movie toys.  We talk about movie toys that worked and use that knowledge to then talk about movie toys that didn't work.  We talk about why these toys worked or didn't work and then we all propose our own movie toy line that should have happened.  Some of the movie toys discussed include Star Wars, The Shadow, Dick Tracy and The Lone Ranger.  Our Nerd To-Dos feature Masters of the Universe figures, cartoon animation, more Wizard of Oz stuff and Jumpin' Jack Doritos.

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We kick off the new year by peering into the future with fourth chair Doug Frye from the Schlock Treatment podcast. Using all the tools at our disposal from tarot cards to the Magic 8 Ball, we each make predictions for 2013 in the realms of TV, movies, and fast food. We also start up the Nerd Lunch Dead Pool and predict which celebrities will kick the bucket this year. Our Nerd To-Dos feature Star Wars Angry Birds, Battlestar Galactica, Six Million Dollar Man, and Jack in the Box.

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