For a special holiday treat, the nerds get together to discuss the UK's hottest import, Downton Abbey, ahead of its season 4 premiere in the US. Yes, 50 minutes of middle aged nerds talking about a soap opera. Join us to be swept away by the drama, romance, and our inability to keep all the plotlines straight. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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The Nerd Lunch Podcasting crew are once again joined by Jasmin Fine of Together, the foursome delves into crafting more movie-themed menus for national restaurant chains much like Denny's has done for The Hobbit. As before, movie assigments and restaurants were assigned at random so the kitchens start to get messy and pants start coming off. Nerd To-Dos include checking out Beyond the Rails, a book written by friend of Nerd Lunch, Jack Tyler.

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It's the holidays so the Nerd Lunch crew decide to spend this episode with members of the family...The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network family. CT, Jeeg and Pax team up with DiGio, Christian and Downs from The Atomic Geeks for this special Christmas episode. In it, they give each other the Secret Santa gift of a Gunpoint Review. Each podcast team must watch and review a Christmas movie assigned to them. The Atomic Geeks report on 1960's (or is it 1959's) Mexican-produced Santa Claus while the Nerd Lunchers report on 1964's cult classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Be sure to check out the special closing song on this episode, "12 Days of Geekmas" by Andrew Bloom.

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The guys return to a topic they haven't done since Episode 4; Guilty Displeasures.  And they do it in a three way dance.  Things the fellas feel they should enjoy but don't include Mt Dew flavor extensions, zombies, comic books, Agents of SHIELD and peppermint.  Lots to reveal and discuss.  

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CT and Pax, along with regular guest Jay from The Sexy Armpit, welcomes returning guest Jason Liebig of Collecting Candy. After checking in with Jason about how things at his blog have been progressing, the four embark on a discussion about their experiences at comic book, sci-fi and other genre conventions. Topics include earliest con memories, celebrity encounters, and the ever-changing convention experience. Nerd To-Dos include Christmas-prep, Batman comics, and the "Twinkie McRib."

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The Nerd Lunch crew return to their arrogant franchise topic of putting a polarizing director on trial. But since Jeeg and Pax were called away, CT shown the signal in the air and the Legion of Substitute Nerd Lunchers answered to fill in. Aaron Nix of Movie Hodge Podge and the Pod, James Pod Podcast takes on the challenging role of defending M. Night Shyamalan. Aaron faces off against his mortal enemy, CT, who brings the case against the the much maligned director. Together, they both call on the expert witness of Michael May (of Kill All Monsters and the Michael May Adventure Blog) and argue their cases in front of Judge Andrew Bloom (Classic Film Jerks). It's the most legal dramatastic episode of the Nerd Lunch Podcast yet! Nerd To-Dos include Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, TCM, and G.I. Joe Retaliation.

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This week we are joined by show regular Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s to discuss the idea of movie prequels.  We talk about our initial thoughts of prequels, we discuss what prequels work and what prequels don't.  We even come up with a few ideas for prequels we'd like to see.  Nerd To-Dos include Funko figures, Bond movies, Witches of Eastwick and M. Night Shamalayan.

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Strange Kids Club's very own Rondal Scott returns to the 4th Chair to help us give the franchise treatment to a topic we first did back in Episode 78.  Again we're choosing the real life people best suited or most likely to end up in fictional scenarios from movies, TV, and other media.  Listen to find out which real life news reporter we think is actually the Last Son of Krypton, which real life pro-wrestler moonlights as a monster fighter, which real life astronaut married a genie, and more.  In our Nerd To-Dos, we get a little Stephen King, some M. Night Shyamalan, a Cher movie, and a guest appearance to do some ice cream reviewing.

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It's the final episode of Brucetober and we're joined by Bruce Campbell expert extraordinaire, Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner. For the end, we go back to the beginning and talk about the first big Bruce Campbell project...Evil Dead. When did we first see it? What makes it a classic? What would we change? How about those crazy sequels? And should Jon ever break down and watch the remake? Our Nerd To Dos includes a spirited discussion about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the foreshadowing of a future podcast appearance the Nerd Lunch crew is going to be making. And be sure to listen carefully for the answer to whether or not Robert Zerbe's mom likes Bruce Campbell.

Programming note, check out episode 15 of The Nosh Show which features guests CT, Jeeg and Pax.

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Bruceober continues and the Nerd Lunch crew look at the false memoirs of the man they're celebrating this month. CT, Jeeg, and Pax welcome Robert from To the Escape Hatch to talk about the second Bruce-penned book, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. In the book, Bruce rights about a fictionalized version of himself and wacky antics ensue. The crew break down the good and bad of the book and also talk about what could possibly follow this up. Nerd To-Dos include more about the Cool and Collected Magazine, Gosford Park, Jack in the Box, and finding out whether or not Robert's mother likes Bruce Campbell.

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Brucetober continues! This week Pax hosts a look at the Bruce Campbell vehicle, Bubba Ho-Tep in which Bruce stars as the aging and still alive Elvis Presley who must defeat a resurrected Egyptian mummy who is feasting on the denizens of a Texas old folks home.  We are joined for this episode by Kirk Howle of Schlock Treatment.  Nerd To-Dos include the Buckaroo Banzai novelization, the Man of Steel novelization and the movies Gravity and the 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

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This week's episode kicks off our first ever theme month, Brucetober, in which we'll be dedicating all of our episodes to nerd icon Bruce Campbell. This time around we welcome Mike Downs from The Atomic Geeks podcast back to the 4th chair and pitch some post-Burn Notice projects for Bruce. Somehow we end up putting Bruce in everything from a cartoon to time travel TV show to an Oscar contending drama about a dad dying of cancer. In our Nerd To-Dos, we get updates on Agents of SHEILD watching, hear about some pepakura projects, and get a sneak peek at the Cavalcade's AWESOME-tober-fest 2013.

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CT recently had the opportunity to review Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens. As a creative type and a fan of Jim Henson's Muppets, the book spoke volumes to him and he had to take the chance to speak with Liz a bit more about this creation. This book is available on Kindle Serial and is highly recommended to anyone with creative passions, fans of Jim Henson, and especially anyone fitting both criteria. The book goes through ten lessons and gives great depth and insight into the mind of Henson and how he was able to live his life of pursuing art and make money at the same time. This discussion with Stevens for this extra helping goes into depth about the book, how she came to decide to write it, and how it can help you.

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Episode 101 - Plaid Stallions and Rack Toys

It's the triumphant return of the Nerd Lunch Podcast after their post-episode 100 hiatus. Jeeg, Pax and CT welcome their 50th guest to sit in the Fourth Chair on the show. Brian Heiler of and the Pod Stallions Podcast joins them to discuss his origin story along with the myriad projects he's involved with. Inspired by his book Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings, the crew invent their own ideas for rack toys they would love to see produced. Post-hiatus Nerd To-Dos feature Downton Abbey, Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fringe, and The Wire.

Next week, the crew returns with their first theme month. Come back for Brucetober, shows all built around actor Bruce Campbell.

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In this extra special helping of Nerd Lunch, Pax celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Run-DMC's fourth album, Tougher than Leather.  For this episode Pax is joined by show regulars Tim Lybarger and Matt Ringler.  We all discuss our history with rap and Run-DMC, we talk about our favorite albums and songs and we even discuss the forgotten Tougher than Leather movie.

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Break out the Doritos and Mountain Dew, the Nerd Lunch Podcast had reached triple digits! It's episode 100 and to celebrate, CT, Jeeg and Pax welcome the two other members of the Nerd Lunch Family. Joining as guests are Nerd Lunch blog co-founder PLee and Nerd Lunch: The Web Series co-host Savannah Staverosky. However, the show honors many of our past guests by including a look back at several Fourth Chair Carryover Questions from the past year. Find out who never watched Saturday Morning cartoons, who doesn't like Seth Rogen, who (sort of) ran a 5K to save the Clock Tower, who watched the royal wedding and who likes Foofur a bit too much. Also...who is 'Saint Cosplay'? All that and more!

With this episode, we end "season 2" of the show and we'll be taking a slight break before returning with episode 101. Look for bonus content in the meantime and we'll be back with new, full episodes soon.

Special thanks to everyone listed below for awesome questions that we had fun revisiting on this episode:

Rondal Scott
Brian Adams
Christian Nielsen
Michael DiGiovanni
Jen Usellis Mackay
Thom Holbrook
Jon Cross
Robert Zerbe
Shawn Robare
Matt Ringler
Doug Frye
Kirk Howle
Des Taylor
Michael May
Tim Lybarger
Jasmin Fine
Andrew Bloom
The Retroist
Vic Sage
Aaron Nix
Kristin Rielly
William Bruce West
Steve from Food Junk
Matt Young
Claymation Werewolf
Howie Decker
Ryan Hewson
Jay from Sexy Armpit

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Only one show left until episode 100, but we're bringing the fun this week by bringing back long-absent guest Jay from After apologizing to Jay for not having him on for so long, he forgives us by giving us the greatest Nerd Lunch rap you'll ever hear. It's worth turning the show off after that, but don't! We then move into a return to our "Expendables of Other Genres" topic once before covered on Episode 22 of our show. The podcasting crew assemble an ultimate nerdy/geeky/techie movie cast as well as the ultimate cartoon voice cast. It's our most copyright-infringing episode yet! Nerd To-Dos feature, among other things, a big discussion about Firehouse Subs.

Also, this episode contains news about what to expect for next week's 100th episode!

Direct download: NerdLunch_099_Expendables-of-Other-Genres-2.mp3
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CT, Jeeg, and Pax get a dose of culture this week with a visit from Sue London, author of Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers Book One). After getting the lowdon on what Sue has been doing and what she will be doing, the four of them discuss various couples in the nerd genres including power couples, mismatched couples, married couples, and love triangles. The romance discussion ends with an exercise in "create-a-romance" where The Matrix's Trinity sees a lot of action. Nerd To-Dos involve d20Monkey, a real Millennium Falcon, more Game of Thrones talk, and the consuming of a free Quarter Pounder from McDonald's.

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This week CT, Jeeg and Pax are joined by show regular Shawn Robare to discuss the nerdarific book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  We talk about our pre-knowledge of the book, what we thought of the characters and what we thought of all of the 80s pop culture references that are strewn throughout the text.  We quite thoroughly discuss this book.  Nerd to Dos involve bootleg Powell-Peralta skate tapes, William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet, and more Game of Thrones, Farscape and Burn Notice viewing.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Episode_97_-_Ready_Player_One.mp3
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This week's episode returns us to the starship from our ninth episode. Our food replicators are still broken, but on the plus side we've managed to find some aliens who can add the recipes for 5 condiments to our replicator. We've also encountered the roguish freighter captain Dubba from and The Nosh Show. After learning a bit about Dubba's ice cream expertise, we set out to reach consensus on the sauces, spreads, and dressings we'll take for the remainder of our journey. Unfortunately for us, consensus is about as easy to find a cloaked Romulan Warbird. In our Nerd To-Dos we hear about cell phone upgrades, hatred for Farscape, catching up on Dr. Who crossovers, and basking in the glow of Game of Thrones.

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During the 2013 Summer Crossover, Nerd Lunch and The Atomic Geeks switched casts. With The Atomic Geeks podcast now defunct, we have this gem available for you. CT, Jeeg and Pax took over the show and did Gunpoint Reviews.

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Episode 95 - TAG Crossover

It's a very special episode of Nerd Lunch! This week on the show, CT, Jeeg and Pax take off for the Great White North and are replaced by The Atomic Geeks. Michael DiGiovanni (aka MD), Christian Nielsen and Mike Downs take over Nerd Lunch and welcome Fourth Chair Ryan Hewson from The Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast. The four of them do their take on the Fan Fic Reviews franchise topic (previously done in episodes 18 and 62). Stories from covered include Knight Rider meets The Incredible Hulk, Police Academy, Good Omens, and Buffy meets Kill Bill. Nerd To-Dos include new podcasts and blogs and networking appliances.

And be sure to check out CT, Jeeg and Pax on this week's episode of The Atomic Geeks where they do their take on Gunpoint Reviews!

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This week on the Nerd Lunch Podcast, we do something we've never done before--EAT LUNCH! CT and Pax got together in person and were fortunate enough to have regular Fourth Chair guests Shawn Robare and Robert Zerbe join them as well. We talk a bit about the Fake Geek Girls thing and then launch into how our summers are going so far and just chat. We eat, drink and are merry while sitting at 4Rivers Smokehouse in Jacksonville, FL. Warning! There is a ton of ambient noise so bear with us on this episode.

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This week, Jeeg, CT and Pax are joined by Brian from Cool and Collected.  This episode, CT removes the famous Pop Culture Eraser from "the vault" and we each get to erase from existence 1 thing and 1 person.  We get some controversial results from the group as we discuss the future ramifications of erasing things like Jay Leno and The Next Karate Kid from our pop culture landscape.  Lots of Nerdy goings on in the To Dos including TV show and movie watching.

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This week on the podcast, Pax and CT welcome two guests once again and find that they've invented the next "peanut butter and chocolate" with returning guests Tim Lybarger and Matt Ringler. After discovering one of the guests is short on originality, CT asks everyone to channel that unoriginality into a reboot challenge. The podcasters then each pick a beloved (and some not so beloved) property and update it for modern audiences. Moving, Burn Notice, and more in the Nerd To-Dos.

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