The Atomic Geeks Podcast is no more, but this first installment of the TAG Network Crossover lives on when Pax and Jeeg visited with Christian and Andrew and talked about Geek Mashups.

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Nerd Lunch's second entry into this year's [expletive] TAG Network Summer Crossover Series features a whole cast of guests. CT is joined by both Michael DiGiovanni and [expletive] Michael Downs from the Atomic Geeks and Kristin Rielly from the Geek Girls Network and they have a big ol' [expletive] discussion about Doctor Who. Who was the best [expletive] Doctor? The best [expletive] companion? And find out what the phrase "those garbage cans have terrible voices" means. This week's Nerd To-Dos features talk about Batman, G.I. Joe and the relaunch of a new [expletive] website. Find your [expletive] sonic screwdriver and download now!

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Pax, CT, Shawn Robare, and TAG Irregular Mark Dury provide our take on expanded universes. We discuss our favorite EUs from Star Wars to the Buffyverse, talk about what works or doesn't work in EU, and offer up some properties we wish had EU. When we're done here, be sure to check out this week's episode of The Atomic Geeks podcast for even more speechifying on EUs. Our Nerd To-Dos feature a Formula 1 racing documentary (huh?), new TMNT toys, more Planet of the Apes, and some Dark Knight Rises.

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We're joined this week by Pax's longtime buddy Dr. Mike for an in depth discussion and/or thrashing of Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis. Find out what we think of the HMS Pinafore, F. Murray Abraham, clones, B-4, and the infamous Enterprise bridge joystick. We also offer up suggestions on how these, er, gems could have been polished. In our Nerd To-Dos, we hear about an upcoming Dr. Who episode of Nerd Lunch, a can't miss Ben & Jerry's flavor, Pax's mini-review of MIB 3, and the Dawn of the Jedi comic book.

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Pax is vacationing in the Phantom Zone, so Aaron Nix from Movie Hodge Podge and Matt Ringler of Schlock Treatment join Jeeg and CT for this week's episode. Each of us choose one person and one pop culture item to erase from existence and then discuss the consequences of that removal.  We go for the jugular with some of these, but luckily it's all hypothetical... as far as you know.  Our Nerd To-Do's feature a follow-up on Pixar's Brave, somebody named Richie Brockelman, Atomic Robo, and one nerd's quest to watch the original Star Trek movies for the first time.

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Rob Graham settles into the fourth chair this week and we do another round of Give That Guy Some Work.  This time around we put together one TV show and one movie using actors and actresses that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve.  Our Nerd To-Dos include a Star Trek novel, the Sherlock TV series, Pixar’s Brave, a vampire hunter, and Planet of the Apes.

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