CT, Pax, and Mike Westfall play America's favorite game show, "Name That Fourth Chair Army Member", with host Jeeg McJeegerson. How good are they are identifying Fourth Chair guests from their first tweets or Instagram photos? You might be surprised, unless you've listened to one of our Nerdstradamus episodes.

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With the new Shazam! movie fresh in theaters, Michael May, Evan Hanson, and Paxton Holley go back to 1941 to talk about the Big Red Cheese's first movie appearance. It's a deep dive into the classic movie serial as well as discussions of comics, the '70s TV show, and expectations for the new film.

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It's a postscript to March as The Chap Report's March episode finds itself in the beginning of April. Corey welcomes back Carlin Trammel of "Nerd Lunch Prime." The two talk A LOT about planes which includes a metaphor for Carlin's post-Nerd Lunch Podcast career, LOST and what it's like to fly on planes. Also, Carlin makes an impassioned plea to not quickly move on to the next national story.

Remember the massive amount of devastation that has hit our country over the past couple years. Lots of people still need help. You can read just a few of the stories about Mexico Beach at NeverForgottenCoast.com as just one example.

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As an addendum to our Star Trek VI drilldown in episode 327, Pax does a special episode of I Read Movies where he discusses the Star Trek VI novelization by JM Dillard.

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Evan Hanson joins us to finally complete our series of Star Trek movie drill downs. We dive into The Undiscovered Country by quoting lots of Shakespeare and uncovering a Shakespeare conspiracy theory. What did the Nerd Lunchers like, what did they not like and are they glad this is the last film with the full original cast.

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In the newest episode of Nerd Lunch Prime we are joined by Kay to create brand new toylines for movies.

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Disney loves making live-action versions of its cartoon library, but how many of them are actually good? Geek Kay and Christian Nielsen join Michael May to talk about the phenomenon and also figure out how they'd approach remaking Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Hercules, The Three Caballeros, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Robert Zerbe joins us once again in the Fourth Chair. After catching up with Robert about his podcast, And Movies For All, we take the Pop Culture Eraser out for a spin. Unfortunately the years and the mileage have taken a toll on the Eraser and we can only delete items associated with certain colors and letters. If you have a vendetta against the color brown, this is the episode for you.

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This month, instead of asking guests questions, he has to answer listener questions! No question is off limits! From favorite Halloween costume to biggest life decision you didn't make, make sure you check out this episode. Who would be the ultimate celebrity guest? Who would play Chaps in the movie about his life? Listen and learn....

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Way back in episode 228, we did Nerd Lunch Civil War. Now, eclectik comes back on the show to host a sequel. The Nerds are presented with popular divisive topics and must pick a side and argue why they pick it. Monopoly or Scrabble? Brosnan or Moore? Michael Jackson or Prince? And so much more. 

Direct download: NerdLunch_324_Nerd-Lunch-Civil-War-II.mp3
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Shawn Robare, Evan Hanson, and Michael May unpack Unbreakable, sift through Split, and get into Glass. They also converse on the career of M Night Shyamalan, wondering if one of us has made a gross error and wasted the other person's valuable time. 

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The Star Wars panel is back to discuss the Solo movie that they didn't talk about in May 2018.  

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Andrew Bloom of Classic Film Jerks returns to the podcast pitching a topic of his own. In this episode we swap the casts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe films. How many times will we cast Jeremy Irons? Only one way to find out---listen now!

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Evan Hanson, Jay Ryan, Paxton Holley, and Michael May hang out in the sinister Bats Cave, talking about the first screen appearance of the Dark Knight in the 1943 serial, Batman. There are thrills and there are shudders, but mostly there’s a lot of laughter as the panel spelunks deep into the Caped Crusader’s history.

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Our annual festival of prognostication returns to start off 2019 with Rondal Scott as our Fourth Chair guest soothsayer. After crowning the 2018 Nerdstradamus champion, we make predictions for the coming year in TV, fast food/junk food, a wildcard category, and play Avengers Endgame Overs and Unders. Also listen for a trio of big Nerd Lunch announcements in this episode.

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On this December/January episode of The Chap Report, Corey is joined by Chris "Tank" Tanski as they take a look back at the movies of 2018. They reveal their Top 10 films of the year, discuss the ones that just missed the cut, and geek out about what movies they are excited for in 2019.

Direct download: The_Chap_Report_with_Tank_Top_10_of_2018.mp3
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The holiday tradition continues as Michael DiGiovanni returns to the Fourth Chair for the 2018 Nerd Lunch Christmas spectacular. This year we're giving the holiday treatment to our Movie Menus franchise topic and creating Christmas movie tie-in menus for some popular restaurants. Where will reindeer pastries be on the breakfast menu? Which burger chain will be the place to go for this year's hottest toy? Why do restaurant executives get nervous when we do this topic? Get answers to all of these questions plus a plate full of Christmas cheer in this episode.

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It's the final episode of Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole. We visit the Lord of the Rings wiki and welcome CT's daughter Annaliese from Dragonfly Ripple to join Jeff, Pax and CT. Savor this episode like lembas bread, because once it's over...it's over!

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It's the annual Ninja Day episode!  This year we are joined by Evan Hansen to discuss the 1997 Chris Farley martial arts vehicle, Beverly Hills Ninja.

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This month, The Chap Report welcomes eclectik, the mysterious podcast and pop culture aficionado. Corey and e reminisce about the UnderScoopFire days, talk about the Art of Podcasting, debate streaming television versus traditional viewing, and plot out future collaborations. Its not only a fun trek down memory lane, but a hopeful look to the future.

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In this extra helping Pax does a very special episode of I Read Movies to cover the 1989 novelization to Star Trek V by JM Dillard.

Direct download: Nerd_Lunch_Extra_Helping_-_Star_Trek_V_novelization_by_JM_Dillard.mp3
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Author Sue London returns to the show and we inch our way one step closer to finally completing our Star Trek movies Drill Down series. We chat about Star Trek V, what our first experience was with the movie, what went wrong, what went right, what also went wrong and try to come up with a few ways it could have been improved. Also: #Werehorse!

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It's the PENULTIMATE episode and for those who don't know, "penultimate" means "next to last." Jonathan DeMuth returns for maybe the final time and we fulfill one of Carlin's dreams...to do an episode at IMDb. Are we successful? Well, this here is an episode, isn't it?

Direct download: RabbitHole24_Jonathan_IMDb.mp3
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Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when disks were floppy, graphics were VGA, and gaming was great. Jeeg, Pax, and guest Christian Nielsen discuss some of their favorite computer game soundtracks, goofy gaming violence, lame cutscenes, and more.

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It's an all-Mike episode when Michael DiGiovanni, Mike Downs, Mike Westfall, and Michael May discuss their favorite pop culture Mikes, then drop said characters onto a Battle-Royale-style island to fight to the death. Who is the ultimate Mike? Only one way to find out!

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